Why leading enterprises need a full-service research provider

| March 24, 2022

Effortless, strategic full-service research delivers deep professional insights businesses need to make confident decisions.

Informed decisions drive business success — this fact stands across all industries. For example, companies doing data-based and measured marketing are four times as likely to exceed business goals and increase revenue. To get the information they need to stay competitive, businesses must partner with a reliable, full-service B2B research provider.

But it can be challenging to evaluate a research provider’s reliability. There are more than 40,000 market research businesses in the U.S. alone — how can business leaders determine which one to partner with? There are three critical traits insights leaders should consider when choosing a B2B research partner.


A clear full-service research process

Providing a clear research process

High-quality full-service research partners clearly communicate their research process and workflows to their clients. As a result, enterprises can get the most value out of their strategic partnerships and make timely decisions. A refined research process should include:

  1. An initial conversation with the client to define research scope.
  2. Project staffing and screening criteria refinement after the client’s legal approval.
  3. Recruiting and verifying qualified respondents, and delivering them to the client.
  4. Upon request — research data analysis and final report delivery, together with actionable strategy recommendations.

NewtonX has a well-established full-service research and communication strategy that delivers premium-quality data within tight time frames. Our efficiency is due to our proprietary NewtonX Knowledge Graph, which reaches 1.1 billion professionals globally. The Graph is highly automated, enabling us to scan for niche knowledge at scale. 


A strategic thought partnership

Establishing a strategic thought partnership

However, a smooth research process alone is not enough. Detailed niche knowledge depends on an in-depth understanding of the target industry. To this end, businesses need more than transactional vendors — they require strategic thought partners.

A good full-service research provider works with their clients to source the right, verified recruits based on their business needs and goals. Simultaneously, they can iterate on ideal samples in the process. This collaboration guarantees access to detailed professional insights true to market feasibility.

NewtonX has deep experience in sourcing expertise across over 140 industries. Our robust industry knowledge allows us to provide insightful action recommendations through strategic consulting to maximize the value of our client’s research spend. 

NewtonX understands the nuances of even the most specialized fields, like technical manufacturing or equity investment. For instance, we partnered with a leading venture capital firm to recruit 10 founding blockchain professionals and help them evaluate a crypto company investment with deep insights. Our client subsequently hired one of the professionals as a C-suite executive.


Quality data helps you ensure business success

Delivering a positive business impact

The ultimate goal of successful B2B full-service research is a measurable positive business impact. Companies that do not see business growth can question whether their partners are in fact effective research providers. Traditional B2B market research, relying on closed expert networks, often doesn’t deliver high-quality sample data.

This issue stems from pain points, such as providers coming under pressure to use their in-network experts. Consequently, up to 50% of “subject-matter experts” in traditional studies are not qualified to answer the research questions. Due to bad data, businesses lose around 30% of their revenue annually.

Recently, NewtonX sourced insights from 450 niche IT professionals to help our software company client design new innovative product features to maintain their strong growth. Subsequently, our client tripled their enterprise customer base and hired NewtonX for ongoing insight updates.


Full-service research enables business growth

Full-service research guarantees business growth 

These three traits are the key to reliable full-service research. Together, they ensure companies and enterprises receive deep, strategic data in time to make the right decisions. The resulting business growth and increased revenue are why the world’s leading enterprises need a full-service research provider. 

NewtonX’s Custom Recruiting methods and deep strategic advisory capabilities combine to offer a seamless research project experience. We are the only full-service end-to-end research provider to offer 100% verified data from the most qualified professionals in any industry. Our methodology reliably delivers high-value data to help our clients boost business growth.

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