Helping a Top 5 Global Tech Company stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve

Keeping ahead of the cybersecurity curve

Cybersecurity threats have continued to mount with alarming speed in the past decade, and show no sign of slowing down. The most recent research by IBM reveals that in 2019, 8.5 billion records were breached and ransomware attacks were up 67 percent from the previous year’s fourth quarter.

Not only are attacks increasing in frequency, malicious actors are expanding their attacks to new frontiers. In 2019, operational technology attacks targeting vulnerable industrial and medical systems surged 2,000 percent. As attacks have broadened so has cybersecurity spending increased with the worldwide market to grow by up to 10 percent this year. 

To remain competitive, companies that offer cybersecurity solutions must offer exactly what  cybersecurity officers and decision-makers need in each one of their products and services. That’s where effective B2B market research makes a world of difference.

NewtonX is proud to partner with one of the Top 5 tech companies worldwide, which has built its reputation on products that are both functional and state-of-the-art. The tech company in question tapped NewtonX to help the company develop an elite product with insight from real-world professionals who have used a variety of cybersecurity products in high-stakes situations.


Designing and executing a tracker featuring brilliant cyber security minds

To continue to innovate, we were tapped by a Top 3 Global Tech Company to design and execute an annual CISO tracker, highlighted by the participation of 20% of all Fortune 1000 CISOs and relevant decision makers. Ongoing participation includes 7,500 senior-level cyber security decision makers.


Roughly 25% of all Fortune 1000 CISOs

Robust results for valid insights

Backed by the pinpoint accuracy of the Knowledge Graph, NewtonX developed an annual CISO tracker that delivered the insights of 7,500 cybersecurity decision-makers, with 2,300 based in the United States. That’s the equivalent of 25 percent of CISOs across all of the Fortune 1000 — a percentage no other market research company could hope to match.

With this many cybersecurity professionals providing information, our client was able to extract unique insights that helped the company keep its place at the leading edge of the cybersecurity industry. This has helped empower the company to provide the features end-users actually want while avoiding the pain points found in competitor products and services, ultimately reducing time and money wasted on offerings that don’t hit the mark.

There’s nothing like client feedback to gauge the success of a project.

The company’s Senior Manager of Market Research reached out to us to say:

“I’d love to take the opportunity to share how happy we are with the tracker. It has a bunch of great insights and storylines for us to dig into, and, since we trust the sample so much, senior leadership uses it as the single source of truth for perceptual KPIs in the security space. Thanks for being great partners here!”

Your source for specificity

In today’s market, standard market research methods just aren’t enough to stay ahead of the competition. NewtonX’s AI-powered process finds knowledgeable industry professionals and brings you their valuable insights with a zero-fraud guarantee. Contact us to learn more about how our methodology can turn your research project into our next success story.

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