How we matched a global media company to marketing professionals to gauge sentiment around new privacy regulations

Illuminating trust levels across key ad buyers to build lasting relationships

In light of recent privacy regulation, such as GDPR and CCPA, a Global Advertising Platform needed to understand advertising and marketing perceptions surrounding its various offerings.


Finding exact marketing expertise at rigorous pace and scale

NewtonX was tapped to recruit and engage 5,000+ senior advertising professionals, focused on Chief Digital Officers at large advertising firms, Heads of Media at independent creative agencies, and Directors of Marketing at Fortune 500 companies. We drove the workstreams forward at rigorous pace completing the project in under 11 weeks, ahead of schedule while delivering extremely qualified professionals across nine key geographies.


Senior global ad professionals

Finding the world’s foremost experts in marketing and privacy regulation

Distilling the knowledge from over 5,000+ professionals, our client gained visibility into each of its platform’s public perceptions driven by granular insights. The resulting impact led to implementation of a new data protection strategy to ensure enduring safety and compliance.

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