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Industry Overview

It’s tough to stand out in today’s attention economy. Advertisers and agencies face mounting challenges in sourcing the right insights to delight customers and drive results.

Today’s media landscape demands constant innovation. Leading advertising, marketing, and brand strategy agencies must move at the speed of culture, across audiences, product lines, and media channels — while proving their innovation ahead of competitors. Staying competitive requires a deep understanding of audiences and client needs within the brand ecosystem.

As the world’s leading B2B research company, NewtonX is the partner of choice for advertisers and agencies seeking to not only win click-wars but also pave a better advertising future. With access to over 1.1 billion professionals, our NewtonX Knowledge Graph pinpoints the exact advertising professionals you need for your toughest business challenges. We deliver surveys, 1:1 consultations, and end-to-end strategic advisory services to answer your most pressing questions around brand health, advertiser trust, audience privacy, and more. Our insights empower your organization to be true agents of change.


Industry Challenges

  1. Attracting and retaining clients in a competitive agency landscape
  2. Tracking brand health and advertiser sentiment to deliver results
  3. Advertising effectively in a culturally evolving, privacy-aware world
  4. Hiring and retaining diverse talent


Client Impact


Capturing customer voice for an ad tech giant

Capturing customer voice for a San Francisco ad tech giant


Helping a digital advertiser understand buyer needs

How we helped a digital advertiser implement new data privacy regulations to best meet advertising buyers needs




Why brand trust is important

Brand Trust: What it is and why it’s important

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