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Marketing and advertising agency research positions you to help your clients stand out in today’s attention economy. Effective advertising market research is the superpower behind your agency’s ability to pitch accounts and win business. You need a partner who can get to any audience to deliver answers to your most pressing questions.


Advertising market research that empowers your agency with the insights you need


NewtonX is your ideal research partner for marketing and advertising agencies. Our innovation-driven approach uses AI in recruiting, targeted outreach processes, technology that verifies identity and expertise, along with analytics that turn raw data into real-time intel. 

With access to over 1.1 billion professionals, our NewtonX Knowledge Graph pinpoints the exact individuals with the answers to your most critical business questions around industry challenges such as:  

  • Who are your targets, what roles do they play in decision-making, and what information do they seek?
  • How can you track brand health and advertiser sentiment to document results?
  • How can you be sure your work is effective in a culturally evolving, privacy-aware world?
  • What messaging will built trust and give you a competitive edge?


We deliver surveys, one-to-one consultations, and end-to-end strategic advisory services to take your marketing and advertising agency market research to the next level.


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Advertising marketing research helped leaders in the field meet competitive challenges


Large digital advertiser surveyed 5,000 senior advertising professionals

A large digital advertiser needed understand new data privacy regulation impact. NewtonX surveyed 5,000 senior advertising professionals in 9 countries..


San Francisco ad tech giant stays ahead in fast-evolving ad industry

Our client, a San Francisco ad tech giant, needed insights to inform investments in tech Our AI-driven research methods identified the niche professionals with those insights.


Global digital advertising agency needed new insights to grow

A global digital advertising agency saw stagnating growth. We uncovered insights from 4,000 verified professionals across 13 countries.


Client Impact


Capturing customer voice for an ad tech giant

Capturing customer voice for a San Francisco ad tech giant


Helping a digital advertiser understand buyer needs

How we helped a digital advertiser implement new data privacy regulations to best meet advertising buyers needs




Why brand trust is important

Brand Trust: What it is and why it’s important

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