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Industry Overview

Search ranking, brand safety and concerns over privacy are making it harder than ever for advertisers and agencies to drive results.

Competition for peoples’ attention is more intense than ever.  Brand safety concerns, the challenges of making organic content stand out, and rising concerns over audience privacy have made it vastly more difficult for advertisers and their agencies to drive results and even more important to make decisions based on robust data and accurate insights.

B2B market research has shown that advertisers and agencies are facing serious challenges in protecting their brands from objectionable content, making their organic content stand out, and getting cost-effective results in a privacy-ware world.  

In the months and years to come, a better understanding of audiences and the advertising ecosystem will be crucial to the growth and sustainability of media companies.


1. Assessing audience attitudes to adjacent objectionable content

Increased political and social tensions have been reflected in the advertising landscape, heightening the sensitivity of many advertisers and agencies to protecting brand safety.  Some advertisers have reduced or stopped spending on publishers or social platforms that can’t guarantee that their ads won’t be displayed next to objectionable content, and a number of high profile advertisers have shied away from spending on any publisher or platform that has objectionable content, period.

However, not all audiences associate advertisers’ brands with objectionable content appearing adjacent to ads.  NewtonX’s research has shown that personal political leanings are only a minor part of a complex equation, which varies by segment, especially for B2B audiences.

How can advertisers and agencies navigate the diversity of audience perspectives on adjacency to objectionable content?

Audience sensitivity to brand safety varies and it’s important to get fact-based insights of how audiences perceive campaigns that run adjacent to objectionable content or on platforms or publishers that have a risk of objectionable content.  Advertising and agency leaders also need a nuanced understanding of what topics different audiences consider safe and what they consider objectionable. An optimized brand safety strategy will help advertisers and agencies get results most cost effectively while truly protecting brands from negative associations.


2. Building organic audience engagement

Even the most efficient and well-run paid ad campaign pales in comparison to the engagement and impact possible with compelling organic content.  But developing content that target audiences actively seek after is significantly more challenging than just buying views or clicks.  Given the cost and management effort involved in regularly producing company blogs, thought-leadership pieces, webinars and other types of organic content, it’s critical for advertisers and agencies to know their audience.

How can advertisers and agencies develop and deliver organic content that gets results?

Advertiser and agency leaders need deep insight into the types of content their target audiences are attracted-to and influenced-by, including topics, medium, depth, and tone. They need to gauge the ideal cadence and delivery channels most appropriate for each audience segment and identify the best content portfolio that will drive their sales funnel.


3. Effective advertising in a post-cookie privacy-aware world

A confluence of greater consumer concern for privacy and tracking, more stringent privacy regulations in many markets, and privacy features like cookie deprecation and App Tracking Transparency could have a calamitous impact on the effectiveness of digital ads.

Advertisers and agencies will need to rely more on their own first-party data and improve their contextual targeting, while relying less on third-party cookies and identifiers in order to maintain the effectiveness of their ad spending.

How can advertisers and agencies compete in a world increasingly protective of peoples’ privacy?

Advertising and agency leaders need insight on the readiness of their partners, peers, and competitors to operate in a privacy-aware world.  Agencies need to gauge the priorities of various advertiser segments, especially with regards to targeting precision, and track this on an ongoing basis as the landscape evolves.  Many will also benefit from learning how best-practice social platforms and publishers approach the challenges of modern targeted advertising.

The best advertising and agency strategies are powered by accurate insights and high-quality data.


As the world’s leading B2B research company, NewtonX is the partner of choice for advertisers and agencies seeking to not only survive but to thrive and win in an era of hyper-competition.

Through NewtonX, you can learn what your audiences and clients want, what they like and don’t like about your messaging and campaigns product as well as your competitors’ messaging and campaigns.  NewtonX can provide valuable insight into customers’ spending funnels and how changes in your messaging and campaigns can affect your bottom-line.

Our proprietary, AI-driven NewtonX Knowledge Graph scans and verifies an open network of 1.1 billion professionals across 140 industries to find insights and answers to any business question. We go to every corner of the world to connect you with the right sources, delivering 100% verified professionals to give your thinking a flawless foundation.

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