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Industry Overview

It’s time to cut through the noise. Media & internet companies need high-quality insights to delight users, attract clients, and drive performance.

Competition for attention is more intense than ever. Technology-driven media companies and internet publishers must move at the speed of culture while effectively serving audience and advertiser needs. Staying competitive requires a deep understanding of user and client desires within the media ecosystem.

As the world’s leading B2B research company, NewtonX is the partner of choice for media and internet companies seeking to not only win attention wars but also pave a better media future.  With access to over 1.1 billion professionals, our NewtonX Knowledge Graph pinpoints the exact users, creators, and merchants you need for your toughest business challenges. We deliver surveys, 1:1 consultations, and end-to-end strategic advisory services to answer your most pressing questions around product innovation, advertiser trust, audience privacy, and more. Our insights empower your organization to be true agents of change.


Industry Challenges

  1. Understanding user, creator, and merchant needs
  2. Tracking brand reputation and brand trust
  3. Developing innovative and effective advertising platforms in a privacy aware world
  4. Hiring and retaining diverse talent


Client Impact


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B2B Innovations: Research methodology that transformed UX at Pinterest


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3 strategies to be the most innovative social media creator company


UX research innovation report

Innovation Report: How UX Research Leaders can delight customers and beat competitors


Finding social media influencers for research

Why is a social media influencer survey so hard to field?

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