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Media & Internet Publishers

Media & Internet Publishers

Social media market research gives technology-driven media companies a deep understanding of key stakeholders and the media ecosystem. Winning the attention war is a daily imperative. Decision-makers need to know what users want today and anticipate their future desires. The competition for clients and advertisers is just as intense. You need a research company that can work closely with you to provide the insights that move at the speed of culture. 


Social media market research that empowers your organization to be an agent of change


NewtonX is your ideal research partner in the social media and publishing industry. Our innovation-driven approach uses AI to recruit, a targeted outreach process, 

technology that verifies identity and expertise, along with analytics that turn raw data into real-time intel. 

With access to over 1.1 billion professionals, our NewtonX Knowledge Graph pinpoints the exact individuals with the answers to your most critical business questions around industry challenges such as:  

  • How can you understand user, creator, advertiser, and merchant needs?
  • What can you do to track brand reputation and brand trust?
  • What advertising platform innovations will work in a privacy aware world?
  • What trends and developments could create opportunities that can drive product innovation?
  • How can you best attract and retain diverse talent?


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Finding niche expertise for internet publishers and social media platforms


Giving the Pinterest UX team exceptional audience insights

So the Pinterest UX team could better understand brand trust for both advertisers and consumers, we recruited 600 hard-to-find advertising decision-makers. 


Finding hard-to-reach content creators to explore monetization

Finding content creators is like finding a needle in the haystack, yet we recruited 400

of them in 25 days for a major social media company.


Fortune partners with NewtonX for their annual SFO study

For Fortune’s annual CFO study, the much anticipated, highly read, and frequently cited research, NewtonX surveyed 81 verified CFOs at leading businesses in just 3 days.


Kitty Z. Xu, Pinterest



Client Impact


UX research methodology at Pinterest

B2B Innovations: Research methodology that transformed UX at Pinterest


Social media content platform boosts market share

How NewtonX insights helped a leading social media platform boost content creator market share




Social media creator company innovation strategies

3 strategies to be the most innovative social media creator company


UX research innovation report

Innovation Report: How UX Research Leaders can delight customers and beat competitors


Finding social media influencers for research

Why is a social media influencer survey so hard to field?

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