AI-Powered Investment Research Platform

Faster Informed Investment Decisions

NewtonX Prime is the only investment intelligence platform that gives investors and analysts a competitive edge through a robust database of expert surveys. NewtonX Prime is a trusted investment tool used by leading hedge funds and the S&P 500.

  • Superior Content At Scale – Customized insights for investors enabled by large-scale surveys with 30-6,000 experts & 300+ searchable topics
  • AI Search Technology – Revolutionize your investment strategy with instant insights using our proprietary AI search technology
  • Industry Leading Insights – Simplify and streamline your research process to uncover data-driven, actionable insights that inform successful investments

Why NewtonX Prime for buy-side investors?

Analyst at leading hedge fund

Analyst at leading hedge fund

“The fact that I have immediate access to hundereds of expert options with data already analyzed in charts and graphs…it saves me hours of work and shortened my cycle by 4-5 days.”

What's in NewtonX Prime?

NewtonX Prime is the first on-demand financial competitive intelligence platform to combine data from expert interviews and expert surveys.

Survey topics
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Data is automatically synthesized and quantified, saving hours of manual work for investors.

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The unique addition of survey data yields more expert data points on a topic, delivering the confidence you need for the IC.

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Sensitive information is scraped prior to upload, removing the risk of encountering it during a live call.