Microsoft & NewtonX

A Partnership Routed in Reliability

Your peers at Microsoft are using 100% verified B2B insights to discover a competitive edge. NewtonX has sourced these insights from niche audiences across the globe to help guide the future of Microsoft.

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Microsoft x NewtonX by the numbers


projects completed with MSFT


expert calls scheduled for MSFT


surveys responses fielded for MSFT


of new clients started a second project with us


reason clients choose NewtonX is our ability to source verified B2B insights


of Big Five in Tech served


We match the audience and your needs with the right research methodology for the best results.

NewtonX Quantitative Surveys

Quantitative Surveys

End-to-end global survey capabilities from coding to fielding, with the ability to deliver hundreds of professionals in just five business days.

Qualitative 1:1 Consultation

1:1 phone consultations with verified NewtonX professionals, custom-sourced for each request and targeted based on your specifications.
NewtonX survey

NewtonX Q3 Formula

A mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies applied to the same population. We start with 1:1 interviews that inform a survey to test initial findings at scale. Clients can then follow up with individual candidates for further discussion.

We have been delivering successful projects for Microsoft since 2017

Quote from Microsoft's Zoe Dowling on research impact
Since we trust the sample so much, senior leadership uses it as the single source of truth for perceptual KPIs in the security space. Thanks for being great partners here!
Senior Manager of Market Research

NewtonX is the world’s leading b2b research company

Our unique process is called Custom Recruiting and it’s designed to deliver the highest quality professionals so you can make decisions with confidence.

NewtonX Search Process


We dive into your business problem and create a custom search query in the NewtonX Graph to scour the world for the best professionals.
NewtonX Recruiting Process


Our team begins with a targeted outreach process, crafting personalized messages to pique your target’s interest in the right place, at the right time. We develop a channel strategy and reply to professionals 1:1 with unique survey links.
NewtonX Delivery Process


Before professionals can provide their insights, our technology facilitates a unique two-step ID verification process to ensure true expertise.
NewtonX Verification Process


Our in-house team of analysts and consultants deliver real-time intel, raw data files, and in some cases, an analysis with actionable takeaways.

We deliver both scale and specificity

Our technology reaches across 140+ industries to give you the scale of a panel combined with the depth of an expert network.

Cloud decision makers

Cloud decision makers

Supply chain logistics digitalization experts

Supply chain, logistics, digitalization experts

Carbon removal experts

Carbon removal experts

Enterprise architects

Enterprise architects

Digital advertising decision makers

Digital advertising decision makers



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NewtonX is the only B2B research company that connects Microsoft with the exact professionals required to solve any problem.