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Product validation testing services and capabilities

You’ve got a brilliant idea for a new feature, service or product. Your team is behind you. But will clients and prospects be as enthusiastic? Does it solve a real need? Is that pain point important enough for them to pay a higher price?

It’s absolutely vital that you answer these questions before you invest all the time and money necessary to get to market. Product viability testing is the part of your research strategy that finds these answers. It’s not just about if the new feature or service is viable, you can discover if your target market has more urgent problems you should solve first. Using product validation testing during the entire lifecycle of a product, from conception onwards, builds an accurate product roadmap with new features and updates positioned by their importance to your clients. 

NewtonX product validation testing prevents you wasting resources on developing products and services that your clients don’t value. It improves the chances of having a successful product launch because you’ve beautifully tailored the perfect product-market fit using these insights. Product validation research improves the adoption rate of new ideas because you’ve identified that your product meets a big need – so people are more willing to try it. 

By building product validation testing into your ongoing research strategy, you create a listening cycle with your clients. You hear their opinions regularly, giving you the opportunity to tackle any dissatisfaction with the product or service and get their ideas for new, competition-beating features. Happy customers stay loyal. If you’re designing products and services that meet their needs exactly, why would they go anywhere else?

Product validation testing to deliver both scale and specificity

Our technology reaches across 140+ industries to give you the scale of a panel combined with the depth of an expert network. From professionals en masse to niche, hard-to-find audiences, the NewtonX Knowledge Graph can find the exact people to deliver the business insights you need. We’re the only customer loyalty research agency that’s developed proprietary research technology to keep up with market demands. Here’s just a sampling of who we pinpoint, for everything from 5,000+ participant surveys to curated groups of in-depth interviews.



  • Cryptocurrency specialists advising on hedge fund projects 
  • Advertising professionals overseeing brand spend
  • Reddit users that visit Reddit for NSFW content
  • IT decision-makers evaluating cloud software services

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product validation testing
product validation testing

4 benefits of product validation testing

Avoid wasting resources

Product validation testing insights tell you what your target audience wants. This rules out any development avenues that don’t lead to happy customers. You won’t waste time and money launching products or services that people don’t buy.

Higher chance of success

You know it’s a great product-market fit before you develop it, nevermind set a launch date. Product validation testing lets you know that your customers see the value. Continuing to include clients in the conversation improves retention, as they see you tweaking products because you’ve listened to their feedback.

Development costs

You know what you’re aiming for in terms of end product, so you can create a clear path without any unnecessary, expensive detours. 

Sturdy evidence

The best way to convince people to commit to a project is to show them that there’s a legitimate market demand. Product validation testing research insights are the robust data they need to get behind your ideas.

product validation testing
product validation testing
product validation testing

Gathering product validation data

The data required for your product validation testing will vary, depending on your industry and business type. It usually includes:

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Expert surveys

Selected from the 1.1B experts in our Knowledge Graph, NewtonX asks exactly the right people your questions. This is a great way to assess product-market fit at scale.

User testing

This may involve focus groups or individuals, testing a prototype of your product or service, either online or in real life.

Secondary sources

Any appropriate data that’s available online, including social media platforms and academic publications

Expert interviews

Conducted in-person, or by phone – NewtonX asks the right professionals what they think about your new idea. This adds more nuanced, deeper quantitative insights to your qualitative survey data. 


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NewtonX’s platform gives us continued confidence that we’re sourcing the highest quality data to drive critical business decisions.

Jason Talwar
Insights Executive with 15+ years of experience (Salesforce, Tableau, Microsoft)

I was really excited when we found NewtonX. Their Custom Recruiting has genuinely been a game changer for us in terms of data quality. Not only do I have much greater trust in the data, but the variation in the data means I can more easily provide actionable direction for our product and marketing teams without finding myself rationalizing away bad data.

Matt Harris Senior Customer Research & Insights Manager

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