Introducing The Office: Research Edition

Customer obsession, creative thinking, and stakeholder wars…sounds like another day as a corporate researcher. Introducing The Office: Research Edition.  

This one’s for all the insights leaders in the room. We’ve worked with 400 teams and we’ve seen our fair share of dirty data—as well as the ingenuity it takes to deliver value through it all. This fall, we’re publishing three episodes from the lens of everyone’s favorite office to celebrate the complex life of a researcher.

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    Episode Guide

    The Office Research Edition | Episode 1: The Cost of Bad Data

    The VibeByte research team sources marketing and product insights for a company rebrand. Things go awry.

    The Office Research Edition | Episode 2: Ever Heard of a Data Culture?

    Strategy and research form an unlikely team to help corporate make market entry decisions.

    The Office Research Edition | Episode 3: Battle of the Vendors

    Head of Research Michael kicks off a new company holiday: Procurement day! Just kidding, we still have to work.