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Life at NewtonX

Jeremy Wee | November 3, 2021

At NewtonX we're proud of the unique company culture that we've built. We’re a diverse community of motivated, high-performing, fun, and collaborative teammates.

We love being social whether it's happy hour, going rock climbing or organizing a remote gaming night. We work hard but always make an effort to get together and get to know one another. Largely based in New York City, you can find us sightseeing, picnicking in Central Park or at the beach in the Rockaways. Online with our virtual events we travel even further - we've rescued seals, swam with sharks, practiced yoga, tasted wine and taken a coffee masterclass.

A largely international group, it's not surprising we love food of all kinds! Ask us about our #food slack channel or the best restaurant for any cuisine. 

Here's a quick look at some of the things we do to build our community of NewtonXers!

A few of our virtual and in-person events - we're always open to new and creative ideas!

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