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Drive furious innovation with technology market research

With rapid change comes immense pressure to adapt and stay relevant. One of the key benefits of technology market research is that it enables companies to identify new market opportunities. By analyzing market data, companies can identify emerging trends and consumer preferences, as well as potential gaps in the market. This information can be used to develop new products or services that meet the needs of consumers and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Technology market research can help you keep a pulse on the market: your users, brand, and competitors. Pinpoint the exact individuals with the answers to your most critical business questions, including:

Understanding user needs, wants, and experiences

  • How do we segment the market, target the right audience, and position the offering for the identified personas?
  • What messaging and channels do we use to reach our target audience?
  • How do users engage with our platform? How do we increase adoption rate and usage frequency?
  • How satisfied are customers with our products and services?

Developing and shipping a product or feature

  • Does our concept have product-market fit? Is it feasible for the business?
  • What new products and features do our users want?
  • What is the market size and opportunity for our product? 
  • How do we optimize our go-to-market strategy for a successful launch?

Measuring brand impact

  • How familiar are people with our brand and how do they perceive it?
  • How do we increase brand loyalty and reduce churn?
  • How effective is our campaign at communicating our unique selling proposition?
  • How does our brand stack against those of competitors?

Acquiring and retaining top tech talent

  • How can we attract top talent in competitive labor markets?
  • What attributes are most important to prospective employees?
  • What do competitive packages look like?
  • What are hiring trends and techniques in this space?

Staying on top of industry trends

  • What emerging technologies should we invest in and adopt in our strategy?
  • Do decision-makers plan to change how much they spend on our product? How are they allocating their budgets?

Want to see how NewtonX can help you?

Take it from the world’s leading technology companies.

A huge thank you to NewtonX for delivering on their commitment to excellence and being great partners. Dreamforce 2022 was our best year yet. We heard positive feedback on the quality of research participants and the tailored content has been viewed by millions of people across our industry.

Michelle Mere
Senior Director of Customer and Market Insights, Salesforce

I love working with the crew at NewtonX. I very much value the great partnership we have had with our engagements—a true extension of our MSFT team!

Senior Research Program Manager, Microsoft

B2B Technology Audiences We Reach

Impact-driving technology market research starts with speaking to the right people. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph finds professionals with the exact expertise to answer your technology market questions. Our proprietary search is constantly learning– the more custom searches we make, the better it gets at finding the most relevant technology market research professionals for your business.

Once we have fielded your technology market research questions needed for the study, we translate them into an advanced query of over 40 distinct search fields. Those fields are then refined to find the exact audience you’re looking for. Below are just a few examples of technology market research professionals you may find:

Advertising decision-makers

IT leaders

Metaverse experts


Influencers & digital media thought leaders

Product & UX designers

VP+ technology professionals

Media streaming professionals

Cloud software professionals

Our technology market research expertise delivers data you can trust

We’ve been lucky to work with organizations from Fortune 500 enterprises to the top consultancies, financial institutions, and leading market research firms.

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How NewtonX delivers business-critical data

Data is modern currency, but too often, we’re limited to recycled or flawed sources. Data plays a pivotal role in carving out a competitive advantage, but so much of the data typically collected isn’t actually useful. 30-40% of data sold today is thrown away, and upwards of 50% of research timelines are spent questioning the validity of samples and parsing out the truth from the noise.

With NewtonX custom recruiting and multi-step verification, you’ll spend less time as an arbiter of truth and more time using high-quality data from verified professionals to solve key business questions. We’re the only B2B research company that’s developed proprietary market research technology that keeps up with the pace of innovation. Whether you’re setting up a brand tracker, testing a tagline, conducting UX research, or assembling a competitive analysis, NewtonX insights will help you make confident decisions with decision-quality data.


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