[Webinar] The new product research framework making waves in the Fortune 500

December 1, 2023

NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder shares key insights on futureproofing your product strategy with the 5-stage Product Research Lifecycle.

The secret strategy for building the best products? Take it from leaders at Tableau and Pinterest: it’s in the Product Research Lifecycle. We’ll explore how this new research framework uplevels your GTM toolkit and uncovers deep product insights. (Want a copy of the framework for yourself? Download the Product Research Lifecycle here.)

Why now? Nailing B2B research is tougher than ever. According to the 2022 GRIT Report, 55% of research buyers are applying more scrutiny or pressure to sample providers. 62% of suppliers are looking for alternative sample sources. 

Calling all product marketing and UX leaders: Watch this webinar to crack the B2B challenge, achieve stakeholder buy-in, and elevate your role across the organization — through research that drives results.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to utilize the 5 stages of the Product Research Lifecycle for UX, design, and marketing success
  • Tips to implement new research approaches (like custom recruiting) and hybrid methods (like quant-qual-quant) for deep insights at scale
  • How to drive high-performing projects in partnership with your B2B research provider

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