Instant insights for smarter investments

NewtonX Prime is an all-access investment research platform that delivers expert intelligence at scale.

NewtonX Prime is the only investment research platform that gives investors an edge via instant access to expert surveys and transcripts.

Stop relying on anecdotal insights

NewtonX Prime gives you instant access to surveys and transcripts from a network of 1.1Bn verified experts on tech, healthcare, and more. This investment research platform is smarter research, replacing time-consuming expert calls with industry intelligence at scale.

Access expert
knowledge at scale

NewtonX Prime-Access expert knowledge at scale
  • 30-6000 experts per survey
  • 300+ searchable topics
  • Thousands of surveys across verticals
  • Filter, slice and dice by industry or topic

Automatically visualize
your data

NewtonX Prime-Automatically visualize your data
  • AI-powered data aggregation
  • No more manual charts
  • Exportable visuals
  • Compatible with Google Slides and PowerPoint

De-risk every decision

NewtonX Prime-De-risk every decision
  • 100% verified data
  • Reduced investment risk
  • No compliance risk
  • First to market

NewtonX Prime insights in action

The fact that I have immediate access to hundreds of expert opinions with data already analyzed in charts and graphs…it saves me hours of work and shortened my cycle by 4-5 days.”

Leading hedge fund

The advantage of
expert surveys

Time savings over traditional expert calls
Expert insights for more confident investments

This is investment intelligence you can bank on.