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Our proprietary AI custom recruiting process can find the exact professionals you need to answer your toughest business questions

Our proprietary AI custom recruiting process can find the exact professionals you need to answer your toughest business questions

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B2B Market Opportunity Research Capabilities

Through market opportunity analysis, NewtonX helps you capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks in the market. Our global reach of 1.1 billion professionals ensures that you have access to the knowledge most relevant to whichever market you are assessing, whether you are tapping into new territories or audiences. With our market opportunity research capabilities, you can tap into competitive intelligence, survey your market’s landscape, map out your next go-to-market strategy, and gain insight into market sizing, feasibility, and entry.

Competitive Landscape Research

Competitive Intelligence

Market Feasibility

International Market Research

Market Entry Research

Market Sizing Research

European Market Research

Market Segmentation Research

Go To Market Research

B2B Product Research Capabilities

We’re the product market research company that enables you to act on UX needs and opportunities, define successful market entry strategy, and launch industry-leading new products. Source insights straight from customers and prospects, and make product decisions in confidence. Our product market research company is here to consult on the questions top product leaders ask at each stage of the development cycle, from product launch to market expansion.

UX Research

Concept Testing

Social Research

Product Validation Testing

B2B Brand & Communications Research Capabilities

When creating a brand communications strategy, you can leverage NewtonX B2B market research to determine the best way to speak to your target audiences. Use brand trackers to understand the health of your brand and form strategies to strengthen or maintain. Identify effective messaging and advertising that will resonate with your customers. Monitor brand perception and corporate reputation among the audience where it matters most. NewtonX can help you conduct a variety of brand and communications research studies—whether you need us to source the best professionals for insights or to run the study from end to end.

Brand Trackers

Message Testing

Brand Equity Research

Advertising Effectiveness

Brand Awareness Research

Brand Sentiment Analysis

Brand Perception Research

Corporate Reputation Research

B2B Customer & Segmentation Research Capabilities

NewtonX customer research provides the insights you need to understand the entire customer journey—from awareness and consideration to conversion and loyalty. With our global open network of 1.1 billion professionals, we can tap audiences across the functions, industries, and regions that you need in order to gain the most relevant insights. Supercharge your research into customer personas, loyalty, path to purchase, and many more with our customer and segmentation research.

Persona Research

Pricing Research

Win Loss Analysis

Usage & Attitude Research

Customer Journey Research

Customer Loyalty Research

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Path to Purchase

Behavioral Research

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A huge thank you to NewtonX for delivering on their commitment to excellence and being great partners. Dreamforce 2022 was our best year yet. We heard positive feedback on the quality of research participants and the tailored content has been viewed by millions of people across our industry.

Michelle Mere
Senior Director of Customer and Market Insights, Salesforce

I love working with the crew at NewtonX. I very much value the great partnership we have had with our engagements—a true extension of our MSFT team!

Senior Research Program Manager, Microsoft

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