Why Microsoft chose NewtonX to develop an innovative new product strategy

Our insights played a crucial role in Microsoft's product strategy development.

Microsoft B2B Research

Microsoft’s Problem:

Microsoft was working on the launch of a new cloud product using Azure Cloud Services. They wanted to gain technology market research insights from ‘power users’ and decision makers. Specifically, they needed specific data points in competitive benchmarks, market-entry insights, integration insights, and pricing parameters. As a result, they tapped NewtonX to source a huge quantity of data points from dozens of experts.

Our Solution

NewtonX gathered insight via a mix of qualitative one-on-one interviews and a large-scale quantitative survey, called the Q3 Formula. We used the in-depth interviews to inform how we constructed the final survey. After we finished our research, our findings proved crucial to Microsoft’s product strategy development. Ultimately, our contributions to Microsoft’s research led to their putting together a white paper on the topic.

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