The Future of B2B Market Research is NewtonX Custom Recruiting

It’s more important than ever to find the right professionals at the right time — yet despite technological leaps, most recruiting for market research is stuck in the past. It’s time for a sea change in how market research happens, and the future is in custom recruiting.

Companies depend on B2B market research companies to find the insights they need to meet customer needs. It’s more important than ever to find the right professionals at the right time. Yet, despite technological leaps, most recruiting for market research is stuck in the past. It’s time for a sea change in how B2B market research happens, and the future is in custom recruiting.

How NewtonX hits the B2B market research target

Today’s market research firms still follow the same playbook. They always have to recruit relevant professionals for surveys or interviews. For them, it’s all about casting the biggest net possible and hoping to pull out a few appropriately-matched professionals. They hope the widest search will increase the odds of finding the experts their clients need. NewtonX generates success by turning that methodology on its head.

NewtonX employs artificial intelligence to precisely target the needle in the haystack. We apply multiple layers of filters to the accessible universe of professionals, then pinpoint the perfect people to survey.

From helping one of the world’s largest technology companies accelerate its time to market for a critical cybersecurity solution, to ensuring a multinational delivery services company could reduce defection rates, uncovering insights from hard-to-reach populations is what we do. Our AI provides a level of granularity unheard of among our competitors in B2B market research. As a result, we can get you relevant answers from the professionals who handle issues critical to your questions.

The power of the open network

Traditional closed-panel studies severely limit the potential for B2B market research. Rather than sending out batches of invitations to a finite pool of candidates, NewtonX API integrations interface with databases like LinkedIn and Xing, among others. We scan for professionals that match customer criteria on an ongoing basis, so data never gets stale.

Our open network approach hinges on high-level automation. To find and contact the number of professionals we do would take an army of employees and countless labor hours. Instead, the NewtonX system automatically sends communications at key points in the process. This shepherds respondents from initial contact through completion of data collection.

Intelligence at every step

A deeply customized fielding process allows us to keep an eye on how targeted professionals respond. This lets us maintain a consistent success rate our competitors simply can’t match.

The process works because rather than dipping into a finite pool and picking out average options, we’ve built the technology that can target exact matches from an infinitely larger ecosystem of professionals. This approach results in 10 times as many responses as the leading expert network. Our custom recruiting makes B2B market research smarter and faster.

Streamlining B2B market research success

NewtonX is leading the charge when it comes to custom recruiting. Where other research companies settle for “close enough,” we double down. We apply as many filters as it takes to find the people you’re seeking. It starts with building a specific description of intended targets to ensure the process selects high quality professionals that will provide high quality answers.

Once a professional is selected for participation, they go through our rigorous verification process to ensure their credentials and expertise are up to quality standards.

Upon survey completion, we don’t just deliver raw data. We also act as a valuable partner by providing the analysis that unearths insights and provides strategic clarity on important business decisions.

Surveys come in a variety of lengths and formats that can be customized to your needs. Whether you just need a one-week survey with one group of people, or a one-year tracker survey pulling responses from multiple groups with the same questions, NewtonX can make it happen and make sure you get the highest impact for your investment.

Tailored targeting gets results

You don’t have time or money to waste on bad data from unverified sources. NewtonX has B2B market research down to a science, with customer service to match. Contact us to learn more about how custom recruiting will get your company the insights you want from the experts no one else can find.


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