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NewtonX is the only B2B market research company that connects decision makers with verified expert insights they can trust.

NewtonX scans the world to find the right minds.

The NewtonX Graph is our AI-driven, proprietary algorithm that searches a global pool of 1.1B professionals for the niche knowledge you need. Every search is custom, we never recycle data, and we guarantee 100% verified research.

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NewtonX Prime is the only expert intelligence platform that gives investors and analysts a competitive edge via unlimited access to our full database of expert surveys and transcripts.

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The world's leading B2B research company

We’re a full-service B2B market research thought partner committed to strengthening your strategies with deep, subject matter expertise.

Brand & Communications

We help make your message foolproof. We can handle everything from campaign concept testing to brand tracking, reporting, and measurement — priming your marketing for full-funnel effectiveness.

Customer Research & Segmentation

Whether its 5,000-person surveys or 5 in-depth interviews, our B2B market research company provides a comprehensive approach to ensure you hear from people at all points of the customer lifecycle. Understand purchase drivers, sharpen your acquisition strategy, and ensure retention for the long-term.

Market Opportunity Research

Launching a new product or expanding a service offering? Our B2B market research agency lets you discern the size of the prize — and the best path forward.

Product Research

The best products are built on feedback and rapid iteration. Get competitive intelligence, understand UX pain points, and validate your hypotheses with the users that matter most.

Share your industry expertise through paid surveys

Our B2B market research company lets you discern the size of the prize — and the best path forward.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

From recruitment to survey design to coding and analysis, our B2B market research agency fields exactly the right professionals. Need annual trackers of 4,000+ people? A hyper-targeted survey to 50 CFOs? We’ll build one specific to your needs.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Expert interviews bolster your strategies with niche sources of knowledge. We design, record, transcribe, and translate — so you can stay focused on the conversation.



We apply qualitative and quantitative methodologies to the same population. Our B2B market research company starts with 1:1 interviews that inform a survey to test findings at scale. Clients can then follow up with individual candidates for further discussion.



We assemble a group of professionals that you can constantly tap for any research need. Whether you need a 1:1 consultation, a quick prototype test, or a poll to validate a major decision, turn to your own dedicated pool of expertise.

Research Consulting

Research Consulting

NewtonX doesn’t just find subject matter experts, we’re made up of them too. Our Research Consulting practice can layer on to any of the above methodologies, giving you the direction interpreting and analysis you need to action off the data you

1.1 billion

Professionals accessible with the NewtonX Graph

ID-verified sample, guaranteed
Of client requests are fully feasible
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From cloud databases to content creators, our B2B market research spans over 140 industries.

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Where discerning business leaders across the Fortune 500 get their competitive edge.

I can say without a shred of doubt that the best sample quality for the B2B studies I have run in the last year came from partnering with NewtonX.

Greg Timpany
Market Researcher, Salesforce

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