Figma Explores the State of Designers with NewtonX Insights

Drawing upon the insights of 470 product designers around the world, Figma delves into the factors that make designers happier and more productive in a new work world.

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Figma seeks perspectives from designers on how changes in work have impacted their relationships, productivity, and job satisfaction

Ever heard of product-led growth? Of course you have. Product design has transformed in recent years, transitioning from a peripheral role to a central position in shaping businesses. 

Figma, an online design platform for teams that build products together, sought to understand how recent changes in where, and how, designers work have impacted them — how the rise of remote working and shifts in work styles have affected their relationships, productivity, and satisfaction. Most importantly, Figma wanted to discover the factors that make designers most happy at work and provide guidance to companies on how to align the priorities of business and the needs of designers.


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Figma and NewtonX get insights from 470 designers across Europe and APAC

Figma partnered with NewtonX, a leading B2B market research firm, to conduct a study in key global regions exploring the impact of evolving work dynamics on designers. The findings would inform a report to help organizations foster a work environment that supports and empowers designers to make greater strategic contributions.

In just 12 days, NewtonX successfully recruited and surveyed 470 design professionals from Europe and Asia Pacific, providing a comprehensive understanding of designers’ perspectives and experiences. Designers shared their views on how work style transformations have impacted them, revealing the factors that make them feel happy and fulfilled at work. NewtonX compiled the key findings into a comprehensive insights report to shape Figma’s thought leadership initiatives.


design professionals surveyed across Europe & Asia Pacific in 12 days.

We’ve partnered with NewtonX on numerous research initiatives to extract insights from experts and professionals. This project allows us to address critical questions and challenges that both designers and companies face.

Paul Trotter
Content Marketing Manager, Figma



Figma launches State of the Designer, a groundbreaking report sparking an important discussion on designer happiness at work

In November 2023, Figma released The State of the Designer, a report shedding light on designer happiness and productivity at the workplace. A central theme of the report is that, despite the challenges posed by remote work, a new era of product design is emerging—one that flourishes on collaboration.

Figma: How happy are designers?


Key findings reveal designers embracing collaborative work more than ever before. 53% of designers are using group meetings to collaborate on designs more often or much more often, while 76% are using collaborative design tools with greater frequency.

Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, 69% of designers say that their job satisfaction has improved or greatly improved. Remote work has become increasingly commonplace, with a notable 75% of designers reporting that they are working remotely more often, with Europe leading the trend.

The impact of the report was only as powerful as the insights gleaned from the designers themselves, and Figma’s success hinged on its ability to engage with designers across the globe. “We’ve partnered with NewtonX on numerous research initiatives to extract insights from experts and professionals,” remarked Paul Trotter, Figma’s Content Marketing Manager. “This project allows us to address critical questions and challenges that both designers and companies face as design and collaboration become more crucial.”

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