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Stay focused on client strategy by getting fast, reliable data from research and consulting firms market research

Understanding your clients’ business, beyond their initial reason for bringing you in, is the key to answering their strategic problems and improving organizational effectiveness. NewtonX market research insights help you develop recommendations for both quick wins and long-term results. 

Market research with 100% verified professionals provides speedy, expert insights that inform a variety of client project topics, including:

How to meet customer needs

  • What are the needs and pain points of our target audiences?
  • What products, features, and services do our customers truly value?
  • What does the customer journey and experience look like with our organization?
  • Who are our key personas?

How the brand is perceived

  • Are decision-makers aware of our brand, products, and services? How do we benchmark against our competitors?
  • How do we differentiate our products and services through our positioning?
  • How is our brand reputation trending over time?
  • How do we effectively communicate our unique selling proposition through a marketing campaign?

How to capture more revenue

  • What features and innovations would encourage increased use of our products and services? 
  • How do we increase customer acquisition and retention?
  • What demographics are underserved, and how can we better cater to them?
  • How can we tap into new markets? What opportunities and blockers are there?

How to hire and retain the right talent

  • What types of people and skills do we need to be successful as a company now and in the future? What are our talent gaps and needs versus what is available in the market?
  • How is our company perceived by prospective employees?
  • What is the main driver of turnover in the industry?
  • How does our company culture and work environment compare to other workplaces?

What industry trends and shifts to expect

  • How can we incorporate ESG into our strategies and practices?
  • What new technologies are emerging and how will they change the way our industry does business? 
  • What opportunities and innovations should we invest in?
  • How are certain signals of economic well-being trending?
  • What opportunities do workforce shifts, such as the growth of gig work, present to the industry?

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Take it from the world’s leading research and consulting firms.

I was really excited when we found NewtonX. Their Custom Recruiting has genuinely been a game changer for us in terms of data quality. Not only do I have much greater trust in the data, but the variation in the data means I can more easily provide actionable direction for our product and marketing teams without finding myself rationalizing away bad data.

Matt Harris, Senior Customer Research & Insights Manager

We were delighted that NewtonX could do qual-quant-qual research in such a short time. In the B2B space, not many people are leveraging or thinking of doing these mixed methods.

Kitty Z Xu
Pinterest, Staff Quantitative User Experience Researcher

What excites us the most about publishing with this information is the opportunity to turn anecdotal insights into empirical data. There is often a wide gulf between what you hear and what you can report on, due to the difficulty of finding objective evidence to back up casual insights; with these findings, I am excited to be able to do that.

Mark Stenberg
Adweek, Senior Media Reporter

Research and consulting firms’ audiences we reach

Impact-driving research starts with speaking to the right people. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph finds the professionals with the exact expertise to answer your clients’ market research questions. Here are just a few examples:

HR leaders

IT decision-makers

Institutional investors

Business owners

FinTech experts

Product managers

C-suite executives


ESG experts

Purchasing decision-makers

Finance decision-makers

AI/ML professionals

Healthcare professionals

Sales representatives

Middle managers


Fleet managers

Field technicians

Benefits decision-makers

Content creators


Security professionals

Advertising buyers

Our B2B market research expertise delivers data you can trust

Fortune 500 enterprises to top consultancies, financial institutions, and leading market research firms choose us as their market research company.

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How NewtonX delivers business-critical insights and consulting firms’ market research data

NewtonX custom recruits the right professionals for expert surveys and interviews, at scale, as quickly as you need them.

We understand your high-speed working environment has fast-moving project timelines. That’s why we’re quick off the mark with quotes, fielding questions and kick-offs. 

The NewtonX open network of 1.1billion professionals spans 140 industries worldwide. Whether you need to access elusive niche experts, or reach a scale of professionals traditional closed pools or panels can’t achieve, NewtonX has the reach.

Don’t waste any more precious time sorting through data to try and find any valuable responses. You’ve been discarding the majority of your data up until now, haven’t you? NewtonX custom recruiting is only from accurate, current audiences and all professionals are 100% verified. 

But we’re not just here for your clients—you can also leverage the power of our open network to navigate your changing landscape. Market research insights can help you identify where to quickly upskill your own knowledge and improve your firm’s positioning in the eyes of your clients.

Together, we can construct a research strategy that tracks your brand’s health and positioning. To make sure you stay ahead of changing buyer expectations and behavior, your research strategy includes detailed buyer persona research and mapping of their path to purchase. You can also use your custom findings to inform industry-leading, trend-setting reports and articles.


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