How McKinsey drives healthcare innovation with NewtonX

How Custom Recruiting found senior professionals for a one-of-a-kind industry benchmarking survey.



Customer priorities and legislation across the healthcare market constantly shift. Healthcare organizations are now – more than ever – tasked to innovate their products and services to stay competitive and meet patient needs. McKinsey partnered with NewtonX to uncover insights from 50 highly-specialized professionals in Germany on challenges to innovation and actionable opportunities.


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Specialized personas


The challenge of reaching specialized healthcare professionals in Germany

Senior-level healthcare professionals are notoriously difficult to capture insights from. But to understand the rapidly changing healthcare market in Germany, a leading market for technology-enabled innovation, McKinsey needed a B2B research partner that could do just that. They wanted a healthcare market research partner with the unique capability to reach dozens of specialized senior healthcare professionals and collect fraud-free data. Furthermore, they looked for a partner that could advise on and help build a framework for continual iteration of the survey with quarterly waves.


McKinsey digitization infographic


NewtonX survey


NewtonX found and surveyed 50 verified senior professionals in just 6 days

Using our proprietary NewtonX Graph, we custom recruited and surveyed 50 verified senior professionals in 6 days across startups, private equity, public and private insurance companies, and hospitals in Germany. We gathered professionals’ insights on trends and challenges they expect to come across in the next 3 months with growth, digitization, and diversity in healthcare.


German senior professionals in healthcare surveyed in 6 days

There is no other survey known to us that is so forward looking when it comes to healthcare innovation.

Carina Manteuffel
Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company


Qualitative insights


McKinsey leveraged the insights to lead the next generation of healthcare innovation


McKinsey published the research findings from this one-of-a-kind survey in “Creating room for innovation,” a healthcare innovation report distributed to their clients. It synthesized actionable opportunities from the data:

  1. Invest financial resources more heavily in innovation opportunities. 
  2. Expand internal environmental goals by improving organizational infrastructure.
  3. Deliver on customer expectations for diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization.


Moving forward, McKinsey and NewtonX will conduct recurring waves of the survey to track innovation in the healthcare industry over time. These benchmarks will fuel strategic recommendations that enable and support healthcare innovation for the long term.

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