How we helped a Fortune 500 Healthcare Company by gleaning hyper-specific regional insights

We tapped experts across Latin America to give our client the insights they needed to redefine their multi-billion dollar healthcare portfolio.

Expanding market share by leveraging precise regional insights

The Chief Strategy Officer of a Fortune 500 HealthCare Company sought to redefine its massive, multi-billion dollar healthcare portfolio. To do this, our client needed to find and harness expertise from the definitive list of healthcare experts across Latin America.


Utilizing a hybrid approach to ensure exactness

With the goal of utilizing precise expert insight to redesign its portfolio strategy, NewtonX was tapped to structure an end-to-end, hybrid research engagement. We started with qualitative interviews with senior professionals in the Latinx market, followed by a second phase with a large quantitative survey to glean robust insights at scale. The engagement was wrapped with a final phase of deep-dive interviews with a subset of the respondents.



healthcare experts

Insight-fueled portfolio and market growth across Latin America

With precise granularity, our experts were able to inform the client with specific market trends in Latin America, inclusive of a country breakdown to guide even more pin-point decision-making. Leveraging the exactness of our professional’s insights, our client successfully refreshed its LatinX portfolio and continues to see consistent growth across the region.

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