How we helped a $25 billion American life science giant measure brand reputation and develop insights to support strategy

We helped our client use a multi-wave tracker to keep up with changes to the healthcare, pharma, and biotech landscapes in the wake of Covid-19.

The Challenge

In light of Covid-19 pandemic and the changed landscape for the healthcare, pharma and biotech industry, our client updated their brand reputation tracker to inform 2021 strategic priorities. With the race for vaccine development and the increased importance of an environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda, it was more important than ever to get a realistic view into brand perceptions and risks.

Our client needed the annual tracker to measure several key issues:

1. Track shifts in brand reputation across key stakeholder groups, including brand trust and safety.

2. Understand where industry expectations have shifted in the past year as it relates to Covid-19, diversity and inclusion (D&I), and ESG.

3. Test to ensure future actions and initiatives will be well received and increase trust and positive perceptions.

4. Uncover insights to support the new 2021 strategic direction and opportunities for differentiation.


20-minute surveys gathered from Employees, the Scientific Community and the Investment Community.

NewtonX Delivery

NewtonX fielded a 20-minute study to 100 key professionals that included employees, academics, trade leaders, investors and more. In addition to getting different perspectives of each stakeholder group, the survey needed to ensure there was a significant number of respondents from several regions across the US. 

From start to finish, working in close coordination with the client for coding, the project wrapped in less than 5 days.

“This is our third year running this tracker with NewtonX and we continue to see rich insights.”

The Solution

The client team is using the insights from this latest wave to iterate on their 2021 strategic roadmap. Key findings include insights around consumer sentiment and brand perception that can be applied to internal and external communications across stakeholder groups. Longer term, the team will be embedding D&I and ESG imperatives in day-to-day operations and decisions.

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