How surveys at scale sharpen your edge

NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder reveals what hedge funds are missing in their diligence process — and how they can derisk investments while delivering better returns.

NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder reveals what hedge funds are missing in their diligence process — and how they can derisk investments while delivering better returns.

Learn how custom expert surveys enable funds to reach niche experts and gain deep understanding of target companies, while also casting a wide net to ensure statistically significant samples of perspectives.

Gain industry intelligence at scale with hedge fund market research

Traditional qualitative research methods relying on expert calls struggle to provide holistic competitive intelligence. Thanks to AI and automation-driven research technology, there’s a new way for hedge funds to maximize the value of their research spend. Custom expert surveys enable investors to reach a much larger sample within a shorter time frame. NewtonX hedge fund market research can answer key business questions such as:

How do customers perceive the target company compared to the competition?

  • How does use and awareness of the target company’s products compare to the competition?
  • What’s the NPS score of the target company’s products vs the competition?
  • Which companies are perceived to be best in class?
  • What are the key decision making criteria for customers and relative importance?
  • How does the target company and competitors rate along the key decision making criteria?

What is the sales cycle and who are the key decision makers?

  • Who are the decision makers?
  • What is the sales process?
  • How long is the sales cycle?

What are customer spending dynamics and how sticky are the target company’s products?

  • How much are customers spending on the target company’s products / competing products?
  • How has that changed over time?
  • How do customers expect that to change in the future?
  • How sticky is the target company’s product compared to the competition?
  • Are there switching costs for customers / is there any captive data?
  • What are customers’ willingness to pay / willingness to absorb price increases for the target company’s products vs the competition?

Are there opportunities to cross-sell / upsell?

  • How much have customers adopted upsell opportunities?
  • How much have customers adopted cross-sell opportunities?
  • Are there other products / services that the target company could provide that customers would be interested in?

What are the future market trends and what could disrupt the market?

  • What are the biggest challenges to the market?
  • What are the most important trends in the market?
  • What are the biggest risks to the market?
    • Barriers to entry and potential market entrants
    • Technological disruption
    • Regulatory risk
    • Supply chain risk
    • Environmental risk

Want to see how NewtonX can help you?

Take it from the world’s leading investors.

Previously, a lot of our qualitative research has been talking to 5-10 experts that happen to be available for calls in the next few days. Getting the perspectives of 20-100 or more industry experts, all in one place, vastly increases my confidence in our team’s research and investment thesis.

Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund

Thank you very much for all the great work on this project! The data is very high quality and we are all pleased with the outcome.

Ramy Matar
Apax Partners, Vice President, Internet / Consumer team

NewtonX’s platform gives us continued confidence that we’re sourcing the highest quality data to drive critical business decisions.

Jason Talwar
Technology Insights Executive with 15+ years of experience (Ex-Salesforce, Tableau, Microsoft)

Expert audiences we reach

Impact-driving research starts with speaking to the right people. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph finds the professionals with the exact expertise to answer your market research questions. Here are just a few examples:

Startup founders

FinTech experts

Crypto experts

Financial advisors

Wealth managers

Cybersecurity professionals

Payment solutions decision-makers

Insurance brokers

IT decision-makers

Product managers

Blockchain experts

Business owners

C-suite executives

HR decision-makers

Our research expertise delivers data you can trust

Top buy-side investors choose us as their survey and expert interview partner.

time savings over traditional expert calls
expert insights for more confident investments
industries & counting reached by our search
verified samples

How NewtonX delivers business-critical hedge fund research data

Data is modern currency, but too often, we’re limited to recycled or flawed sources. Data plays a pivotal role in carving out a competitive advantage, but so much of the data typically collected isn’t actually useful. 30-40% of data sold today is thrown away, and upwards of 50% of research timelines are spent questioning the validity of samples and parsing out the truth from the noise.

With NewtonX custom recruiting and multi-step verification, you’ll spend less time as an arbiter of truth and more time using high-quality data from verified professionals to solve key business questions. We’re the only B2B research company that’s developed proprietary market research technology that keeps up with the pace of innovation. 

With the NewtonX Knowledge Graph, we’ll find the best minds that you can tap for expertise and leverage to inform your decisions. Our 100% verification means that you get high-quality data you and your stakeholders can trust. And with our open network of 1.1 billion professionals across countries and industries, we source insights that help you gain your competitive edge on the market.


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