How a hedge fund identified contrarian responses and risks missed by expert calls

Our targeted surveys helped a leading hedge fund reach more professionals and discover contrarian insights that earlier 1:1 consultations couldn’t deliver.

Client wants to determine investment opportunities

Determining investment opportunities in the container software space

It’s challenging to determine the quality of an investment opportunity. Qualitative research provides an invaluable source of insight to this end. However, limited time and resources mean that hedge funds could be missing something when testing their investment hypotheses. 

A leading software and tech focused Hedge Fund tapped us to find senior tech and security professionals using container software. We conducted a targeted survey to augment findings from previous 1:1 calls. 


A targetet survey found first-class thought leaders

Finding first-class tech thought leaders

We utilized the NewtonX Knowledge Graph to scan an open network of 20,000+ technology VP-equivalents across the U.S. and Canada. We recruited and verified the most qualified technology and security professionals using our Custom Recruiting methodology. 

After recruitment, NewtonX designed and launched a targeted customer survey within 24 hours. The deployed survey reached 60 professionals in 5 business days — more than five times the number of original 1:1 expert calls.


VP+ tech professionals surveyed

NewtonX’s platform provides unprecedented access to hard-to-find B2B audiences that truly understand the intricacies of an industry. This access, combined with analysis capabilities, has proven invaluable to gain previously unattainable insights.

Targeted surveys drive investment impact

Driving investing impact through data-driven survey insights

The targeted survey highlighted a number of points that were contrary to previous call responses. To gather deeper insights, we rapidly set up follow-up professional calls for our client to better understand the responses and impact on their investment thesis.

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