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Brand perception research services and capabilities

NewtonX brand perception research uncovers how your brand is perceived by your target audience and stakeholders. This means delving into all their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, opinions and associations they have with your brand – and the competition’s. Brand perception studies are designed to answer questions like: 

  • What attributes do people associate with our brand?
  • How does our brand compare to competitors, in terms of key characteristics? 
  • How do people feel when they think about or brand?
  • What do our audience segments consider to be our brand’s strengths and weaknesses? 

These deeper, emotional insights illuminate decision-making for several areas of your organization. Marketing leaders see how well the brand is perceived by their target audiences, refining brand personas and messaging accordingly. Those responsible for PR campaigns can get the wide lens view of how your brand is perceived overall, and evaluate the success of particular campaigns. At the executive level, brand perception research insights enable a broad view of your brand’s health and its standing among industry competitors. 

Brand perception research to deliver both scale and specificity

Our technology reaches across 140+ industries to give you the scale of a panel combined with the depth of an expert network. From professionals en masse to niche, hard-to-find audiences, the NewtonX Knowledge Graph can find the exact people to deliver the business insights you need. We’re the only customer loyalty research agency that’s developed proprietary research technology to keep up with market demands. Here’s just a sampling of who we pinpoint, for everything from 5,000+ participant surveys to curated groups of in-depth interviews.



  • Cryptocurrency specialists advising on hedge fund projects 
  • Advertising professionals overseeing brand spend
  • Reddit users that visit Reddit for NSFW content
  • IT decision-makers evaluating cloud software services

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brand perception research
brand perception research

4 benefits of brand perception research

Identify differentiators

Seeing what your clients and stakeholders really think about your brand from their perspective identifies what sets you apart from your competitors. This helps you reposition to account for the added value and take advantage of new opportunities.

Strengthen relationships

By finding out the values and issues that really mean something to your target audience and are part of your brand story. 

Consistent messaging

Brand perception studies highlight communication missteps and give you a chance to better align your messaging. 

Optimize marketing budgets

Getting deeper into the psyche of clients and prospects helps you create laser-focused campaigns that really resonate.

What affects brand perception?

Brand perception isn’t about how you present your business. Brand perception is what people believe you represent, based on the sum total of their experiences of your brand. There are so many things that influence brand perception, including:


Individuals’ own experience of their interactions with your company. How did they feel about using your website, talking to an advisor, visiting your store, connecting on social media?

Customer service levels

How did you resolve their problem? What feelings were they left with after asking your customer service team a question?


Do your advertising claims and actual brand experience marry up? How do your target audience feel about them? Are you giving the message you intended?


What do other people say about you?


Does your price point match the value of your products or services?


Do your actions match your brand values? How do your prospects feel about how you present yourself using your brand assets?


How do you stack up against your competitors? Can people see your point of difference?

brand perception research
brand perception research

How to measure brand perception

The factors influencing brand perception are broad ranging, so measuring brand perception needs to involve multiple metrics from a variety of sources. Including, for example:

Your buyer’s journey

Your buyers sprinkle a trail of data breadcrumbs for you to follow, as they make their way along their path to purchase. How do your buyers research information about your service/product? What happens when they interact with customer support? How do they evaluate and compare products with your competitors? The actual purchase decisions itself! Don’t forget the onboarding process and post-purchase interactions. Don’t miss a crumb of it.

Your competitors

How does your brand perception compare to your competitors? Going in deep on how you’re perceived in this context won’t necessarily be comfortable. But it will be useful. Include factors like brand positioning, communications strategy, and all your target audience members. 

Your clients and prospects

Get into the real emotions and thoughts of your existing clients and – crucially – your prospects with brand perceptions surveys. You’ll get real honesty about what people think about your brand and how it fares against the competition. 

brand perception research


The right brand perception survey questions boost your marketing ROI

In B2B branding, brand perceptions are what your target audience, customers, and prospects—and to some extent, your employees—think about your brand.

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Jason Talwar
Insights Executive with 15+ years of experience (Salesforce, Tableau, Microsoft)

I was really excited when we found NewtonX. Their Custom Recruiting has genuinely been a game changer for us in terms of data quality. Not only do I have much greater trust in the data, but the variation in the data means I can more easily provide actionable direction for our product and marketing teams without finding myself rationalizing away bad data.

Matt Harris Senior Customer Research & Insights Manager

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