How Tableau utilized a NewtonX brand tracker to sustain innovation

Tableau empowers enterprises to drive change with data. They came to NewtonX to design a brand tracker with input from senior IT and business decision makers to inform product strategy.




Client sought nuanced customer personas


Tableau needed insights on competitive benchmarking and brand perception 

In a world of information overflow, Tableau empowers organizations to see and understand their data. Yet in a crowded market of visual analytics platforms, sustaining innovation can be just as challenging as disrupting the space. In order to strengthen their position as the leading solution for business intelligence and analytics (BI/A), Tableau needed precise insights. They came to NewtonX to partner on custom B2B research and source data from professionals with deep analytics expertise and influence. The research needs spanned:

  • Competitive intelligence — benchmarking user awareness, perception, and usage against competing platforms and across geographies
  • User feedback — tracking perception to product naming options

These customer insights would in turn inform high stakes product and marketing decisions. 


NewtonX Custom Recruiting


NewtonX surveyed 600 senior IT and business decision makers and analyzed the data

In just 10 days, NewtonX custom recruited and surveyed 600 IT and business decision makers with influence on BI/A solutions for their organizations. Spanning the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, more than 3/4 of respondents worked for companies with over 1,000 employees, with the majority being in a senior management or director position. 

The responses detailed purchasing preferences, barriers to consideration, brand equity comparisons, and product naming feedback. We then synthesized the raw data into a report on decision maker sentiments, highlighting brand strengths and growth opportunities across geographic market segments.


Quality data helps you ensure business success


Tableau uncovered product and marketing opportunities to differentiate against competitors and boost growth

The results fueled confident growth decisions at Tableau. They’ve: 

  • Reprioritized the product roadmap for Salesforce integrations to augment their core offering
  • Defined opportunities to educate target market segments on Tableau’s value proposition 
  • Refined messaging, based on the nuances of user needs in each market 
  • Named a new product, yielding a high performing launch


Tableau now regularly outpaces quarterly growth projections, enabled by competitive intelligence gained from NewtonX’s brand tracking and decision maker sourcing capabilities. They continue to leverage NewtonX’s access to niche professionals and expert knowledge for deep user insights to sustain innovation.


senior IT and business decision-makers surveyed in 10 days

NewtonX’s platform gives us continued confidence that we’re sourcing the highest quality data to drive critical business decisions.

Jason Talwar

Head of Market Insights and Research for Tableau, Salesforce

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