How a leading cloud software company focused on furious innovation

Deep data insights from NewtonX enabled a top cloud software firm to boost customer acquisition and retention.

Leading cloud software developer focused on innovation

A Leading Software Company Sought to Maintain Rapid Growth

Our client — a unicorn cloud software company — is going places. With the goal to usher in a new era of cloud collaboration, they’ve developed software functionalities at rapid pace. New project management and no-code features have established them as the leading platform for distributed enterprises to work smarter and faster. 

But how might they maintain their exponential growth in the face of intense competition? The client needed deep competitive B2B intelligence to understand user behavior, test workflows, and source user feedback on design concepts.


NewtonX surveys 400 cloud software professionals

We Analyzed B2B Survey Data from 450 Decision Makers and Users

With the NewtonX Knowledge Graph, we custom recruited 450 cloud software professionals across 3 categories — users, designers, and decision makers — across both our client’s and competitors’ software. Our two-step verification method guaranteed their expertise, while also allowing our client to reach out to select professionals over the phone to confirm their working knowledge in cloud collaboration software. To guarantee robust data, the client selected 10 professionals for in-depth interviews to probe deeper into user insights.


NewtonX Knowledge Graph


The results detailed how the professionals perceived the usability of our client’s software system. They provided insights on the evaluation process that led them to pick our client’s or a competing platform, and on new product concepts to steer our client’s product development pipeline. After data collection, we employed our strategic advisory services to synthesize the insights into a report actionable product roadmap recommendations.


cloud software professionals surveyed in 20 days

NewtonX’s platform provides unprecedented access to hard-to-find B2B audiences that truly understand the intricacies of our industry.

Deep data insights grow enterprise customer base

Our Client Confidently Drove Product Innovation

The insights proved essential to helping our client orient their development and design priorities towards answering their customers’ business needs. They’ve implemented improved workflow functionalities and automation features ahead of competitors, tripling their enterprise customer base in the past year and attracting top talent. The client has now engaged NewtonX to refresh their user insights on a recurring quarterly basis to drive product innovation.

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