Why a top cloud services provider chose NewtonX to help hear the voice of late adopters

Our insights helped our client develop a clearer target persona for cloud services late adopters.


The Challenge

Our client, a prominent cloud computing platform provider, wanted to hear from IT decision-makers whose companies were late adopters of cloud services. They wanted to better understand why this audience began using cloud platforms when they did, as well as how they perceived and wanted to use cloud services. However, getting access to the niche audience of people who are both late adopters and senior IT decision-makers who have sophisticated enough knowledge of the subject matter to provide valuable insights was no easy task.

NewtonX Delivery

Given the specificity of our client’s inquiry, we recommended conducting long form qualitative interviews with a smaller number of respondents. Within 18 days from the beginning of our project, we had successfully verified 18 respondents who met our client’s criteria of late adopters of cloud platforms while also representing professionals across 8 industries, including to Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Telecommunications.

Our client then conducted 60 minute phone interviews with each of the respondents to dive into the specifics of why they chose to adopt cloud services so late. Because the respondents represented a variety of industries, they were able to identify universal trends in their responses, which our clients could use to better convert other potential late adopters to their platform.


interviews in 18 days

“Understanding why these top IT decision makers think the way they do helps us optimize our messaging to attract other long-term holdouts.”

The Solution

The insights our research provided helped our client develop a clearer target persona based on a better understanding of pain points, barriers, and drivers. The results came to life as compelling messages that resonated with our client’s target audience. Using these new insights, the team saw more qualified leads and increased pipeline value.

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