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NewtonX Prime is the only expert intelligence platform that gives investors and analysts a competitive edge via unlimited access to our full database of expert surveys and transcripts.

Maintain your edge with private equity and hedge fund research

Between the fast pace of technological developments and widespread access to information at our fingertips, it can be trickier to gain an edge. Carving out a competitive advantage requires a continuous and accurate pulse on market conditions that enables you to act quickly and move first. You must efficiently forecast and analyze trends in the market, identify growth opportunities, conduct due diligence, and validate your investment thesis within compressed timelines. Market research for investors can be an incredibly valuable tool to accomplish this, whether you are trying to outperform the market, choose wise investment opportunities, or build better companies. Through the right private equity and hedge fund research, you can de-risk decisions and create value. 

Institutional investor surveys can illuminate previously opaque areas of the market. Through market research for investors, you can gain proprietary insights around the size and growth potential of a particular market, customer needs and pain points that indicate an opportunity, competitor performance for benchmarking, and broader trends in the marketplace. NewtonX B2B market research for investors helps maintain portfolio health and performance and answers critical business questions such as:

What is the state of the market

  • What is the size and growth potential of a given market?
  • What markets would be suitable for expansion?
  • What are the opportunities and blockers of a potential market?
  • What does the competitive landscape look like?
  • How is market share trending over time?

How a company is perceived

  • What brands, products, and services are decision-makers aware of and considering?
  • How does a company benchmark against its competitors?
  • How is a company differentiated from others in the market?
  • How is a brand’s reputation and health trending over time?

What target audiences want

  • What are the needs and pain points of target audiences?
  • What products and services do customers truly value?
  • What does the customer journey and experience look like?
  • Who are the personas in this space?
  • Is there product-market fit with a company’s offerings?
  • What companies and solutions are worth investing in?

How to capture more revenue

  • What features and innovations would encourage increased use of products and services?
  • How do we increase customer acquisition and retention?
  • What demographics are underserved, and how can we better cater to them?
  • How can we optimize the marketing and sales funnel?

What trends and shifts to expect

  • What changes can we anticipate in a given industry and how can we minimize the negative impact of these changes?
  • How will digital transformations change the trajectory of the industry?
  • How can businesses leverage newer technologies including AI/ML and crypto in their domain?
  • How do we weave ESG initiatives into our practices?
  • How can we attract and retain the best creative talent with the right skill sets for future success?
  • What emerging trends can we capitalize on?

Want to see how NewtonX can help you?

Take it from the world’s leading companies.

There is no other research known to us that is this forward looking when it comes to innovation.

Carina Manteuffel
McKinsey & Company, Engagement Manager

What’s exciting about the results is how they clearly highlighted what CFOs are thinking across price increases, spending habits, this inflationary environment, and tech continuing to be a priority.

Sheryl Estrada
Fortune, Senior Reporter

Expert audiences we reach

Impact-driving research starts with speaking to the right people. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph finds the professionals with the exact expertise to answer your private equity and hedge fund research questions. Here are just a few examples:

Blockchain experts

Crypto experts

ESG experts


Product managers

Cybersecurity experts

IT decision-makers


Purchasing decision-makers

Finance decision-makers

AI/ML professionals

Healthcare professionals

Business owners

C-suite executives

HR leaders

Users of a particular product or service

Sales representatives

Our private equity and hedge fund research expertise delivers data you can trust

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How NewtonX delivers business-critical private equity and hedge fund market research data

NewtonX private equity and hedge fund research gives you the insights you need to act with certainty and speed. We have a range of research methods and capabilities to conduct institutional investor surveys, expert interviews, and blended approaches—giving you both breadth and depth. As a full-service B2B market research firm, NewtonX can help you with any part of the research process—from strategy to execution to transcriptions to analysis. 

With our proprietary NewtonX Knowledge Graph, we’ll Custom Recruit the best minds to answer your most pressing questions. Using our open network of 1.1 billion professionals, we can deliver timely, decision-quality data from experts across the globe and across industries. We deliver highly relevant and niche insights at scale which empower you to make investment decisions that unlock more value and create positive returns.


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