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    Adweek investigated the impact of data privacy policies on ad spend with NewtonX

    Adweek partnered with NewtonX to gather senior marketers’ insights into the future of ad spend on platforms and publishers.

    Why Microsoft chose NewtonX to develop an innovative new product strategy

    Microsoft needed to harness voice of customer insights to guide a successful product launch.

    AI, Research Jazz, and Derisking Spend: 3 Takeaways from GreenBook’s IIEX Europe 2023

    If you were at IIEX Europe 2023 in Amsterdam, you likely left excited about the dialogue around data quality, new methods, and generative tools like AI. If you didn’t make it, we’ve outlined the key

    [Report] Market Research Business Outlook 2023: Restoring Trust in Sample Quality

    B2B market research must change: GreenBook GRIT insights reveal an industry plagued by poor data.

    [Webinar Replay] B2B Innovations: Research Methodology that Transformed UX at Pinterest

    Watch B2B Innovations: Research Methodology that Transformed UX at Pinterest, NewtonX's newest webinar hosted by Greenbook.

    Why Custom B2B Research is the Secret to Exponential Business Growth

    NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder and Cascade Insights CTO Scott Swigart reveal how open expert networks yield high-quality answers to strategic questions.

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    Forget Emerging Tech: This is How Humans Do B2B Research

    Data is important, but it’s not everything. Get an inside look at how insights and strategy leaders at The New York Times and DoorDash build influence and deliver business impact.

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    Wallaroo.AI + NewtonX Advance AI Adoption with Lessons from Chief Data Officers

    Wallaroo.AI and NewtonX help enterprises accelerate ML adoption and scale ML models in production by sharing actionable lessons from CDOs.

    Back your decisions with the Hypergrowth Strategy Framework

    Tap into the secret of high growth companies: custom B2B research.

    Behind the Survey: What Drives the Cost of B2B Sample Data?

    Just as a treasure map guides you to hidden riches, data serves as a map guiding businesses toward informed decisions. This is true in the world of surveys, where the accuracy of your data directly

    Use value equivalence line insights to drive better business decisions

    Are you working out whether or not to charge more for a new product or service? Are you trying to avoid creating a negative pricing spiral in your industry? Are you trying to increase your

    Use derived importance analysis to pinpoint why your clients really love you

    Derived importance is one of the many statistical analysis tools you can use in your market research. No one method generates all the answers and derived importance shouldn’t be used in isolation. But it’s a

    When to commission market research for your business

    When it comes to making strategic business decisions, you’ve got the experience, skill, intuition and common sense. What’s missing? The evidence to back it up.  Commissioning market research is an investment that should be made