Greenbook Honors NewtonX in 2023 GRIT Top 10 Most Innovative Suppliers

December 21, 2023

We’re excited to announce that NewtonX has been selected as a leading supplier in Field Services.

We’re honored to share that NewtonX has been officially announced as a Top 10 Supplier in Greenbook’s 2023 GRIT Most Innovative Suppliers list. We would like to thank our partners and clients who have made this all possible. 

“These lists are the result of what insights professionals told us in the GRIT survey. Participants could name up to six companies who they felt are innovative with respect to insights, analytics, or research, and the survey did not prompt them with specific names.  For each company named, the participant was asked which of the six service areas best describes it, and they could only choose one.” —Dana Stanley, Chief Revenue Officer at Greenbook

We’ve long respected and partnered with Greenbook, a leading voice in market research and consumer insights. NewtonX is proud to align ourselves with an industry-leading community  — and together push forward new thinking and research approaches to deliver greater business and societal impact. 

Our listing underscores our commitment to delivering high quality B2B data for enterprises. We’ve seen firsthand how critical it is for organizations to have trust in their data, with high-stakes business decisions on the line. Yet there is a gap between business demands for insights and the capacity to supply quality research. This gap presents an opportunity. As a Top 10 Innovative Supplier, NewtonX is committed to leveraging emerging technology and full service capabilities to close this gap and create growth. 


About NewtonX

The world’s leading businesses find their advantage with NewtonX. 

We’re the only B2B research company that solves the challenges of today’s insights leaders by connecting them with verified business expertise. Our AI-driven algorithm—the NewtonX Graph—custom recruits the perfect audience for your business question from an open network of 1.1 billion professionals across 140 industries. Every professional is 100% verified, so you can make your next bold move with confidence.

Together with our clients, we’re ushering in a new standard of truth in B2B insights. To learn more, head to

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