GreenBook chooses NewtonX for market research industry-leading GRIT report

When GreenBook couldn't find the audience of client-side buyers they needed for their 2021 GRIT report, they turned to NewtonX.

Each year leading market research publisher, GreenBook, releases the GRIT Report, the #1 strategic planning tool in insights today. GRIT is the leading report for the market research industry, by the market research industry used benchmarking, forecasting, emerging methodologies and in-demand skills.


GRIT Report + NewtonX

The Challenge

GreenBook approached NewtonX when they were having trouble finding 200 client-side buyers for the 2021 GRIT Report. Traditional panel providers couldn’t find this decentralized audience of in-house researchers, but NewtonX was able to find them at scale with 100% ID-verification to boot.

GreenBook wanted to learn how companies collect and use market data and insights to make strategic decisions as a part of the new edition of their Research Industry Trends Report.

2020 has been a year unlike any other. In the report, editor Lenny Murphy asks, “Is the insights industry the same?” The evidence suggests that buyers have changed how they conduct insights work and with whom they conduct it. We see buyers are becoming more diversified and fragmented and overall tougher to reach as the responsibility for insights is shared across functions and business units. That’s why we were happy to help when GreenBook reached out to NewtonX to find and field 200 client-side buyers to supplement the traditional GRIT study sample.

“This edition saw a return to the robust sample size we typically get for the Business & Innovation report, however we decided to augment the buyer sample through a partnership with NewtonX. This additional effort yielded great results, enabling even deeper analysis of the critical buyer perspective of the industry.” – Lenny Murphy, Executive Editor & Producer, GreenBook

We’re excited to announce NewtonX’s partnership with GreenBook in supporting the sample for the latest edition, available now.

The Opportunity

NewtonX was thrilled GreenBook, with all of its knowledge of market research firms, selectively asked NewtonX to help with this work.

In a recent CEO interview between NewtonX and GreenBook, Executive Editor Lenny Murphy describes NewtonX as,

…an emerging B2B sample space player using a unique, AI-driven approach for identifying and custom recruiting B2B respondents. Rather than a panel, they are developing a network of global professionals across sectors and seniority levels that can participate in virtually any kind of quant or qual project while focusing on compensating professionals at appropriate levels and offering additional value-adds for participation.” 

He later adds,

“innovation like this has been sorely needed in the industry.”

B2B audiences are difficult to find because traditional panels are all built for B2C criteria. At NewtonX our proprietary, AI-driven search is built exclusively for B2B professional audiences. Every search is custom, we never recycle data, and we guarantee 100% fraud-free research. 

Given our custom recruiting model and open network, we felt uniquely positioned to help GreenBook with this task.

GreenBook chose NewtonX, the world’s leading B2B research company, because they recognized we were creating, according to Lenny, 

“…a scalable, flexible, and value-added approach that is very exciting…there are always challenges with an economy of scale and ongoing engagement with maintaining a panel that can be barriers for some, so seeing a fresh approach that side-steps some of those issues is an exciting step forward to broaden the accessibility of and use of B2B research.”

NewtonX Delivery

NewtonX staffed a dedicated team to search, recruit, verify and deliver a B2B survey to the entire 200 sample within a few weeks. Lenny said about the results, “you knocked it out of the park. I looked at the data yesterday and it looks fantastic…you have my kudos from industry-wide and personal experience.”

  • 200 decision makers and buyers of insights/market research
  • Global reach

Sascha said about the results and feedback from GreenBook, “We’re able to deliver audiences in B2B market research because we’re taking an approach that’s so radically different. We’re really rethinking from the ground up, what is required to make this work?” 

In response to learning about our process, the NewtonX Graph and our tech-enabled approach, Lenny said, “I think what you’re doing is really really interesting. And I think the industry is really going to perk up and pay attention.”


Global decision makers and buyers of market research


The nature of research is changing and it’s clear from the 21W1 GRIT study that greater emphasis is being placed on data analysis, technology and adaptability. Research budgets have grown, in part due to management’s confidence in the ability of quality data to deliver value and drive company growth. The more businesses value and champion research, the more companies will be interested in suppliers who can deliver on innovation and quality. The new face of market research delivers accurate, automated verification that actively seeks out the right respondents to ensure clean data and clearly demonstrate tangible ROI.


GRIT Report 2021 + NewtonX


That’s why we believe the industry has to move beyond the panel and not be limited by a database. At NewtonX, our open network and a proprietary process called custom recruiting allows us to reach over 1.1 billion professionals who meet our clients exact specs.

When industry leaders like Lenny give us kudos, we let the results speak for themselves:

“This phenomenal result was assisted by enlisting 200 buyer-side professionals through a partnership with NewtonX using their unique targeted recruiting methodology to ensure this wave of GRIT would be especially useful in understanding the buyer population during this era of rapid Transformation.”

“I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention that we recently worked with NewtonX to supplement the client-side sample for GRIT and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.”

“For anybody out there, we are digging into the data right now from NewtonX. I can tell you that the data…is cleaner than, from our own internal sample lists. So take that for what it’s worth, but at this point, I’m a believer. You have the Lenny seal of approval.”

“With the addition of the NewtonX recruitment, we bolstered the buyer sample and deepened our reach into some verticals.”

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