Futureproof your business with insurance industry market research

Understanding your audience is key to creating the right platforms, tools, and offerings for long-term business success. These insights are especially important when juggling the needs of several players in a multi-sided marketplace—a common trait of insurance companies. Insurance industry market research can help companies answer key business questions, such as:

How to provide innovative coverage offerings

  • What products do our target customers value?
  • What ancillary services do corporate and SME decision makers value when packaged with traditional insurance coverage?
  • Where are there gaps in existing insurance coverages and what unique risk profiles do our target customers need to manage?
  • How would B2B customers react to coverage packages that have traditionally been reserved for direct-to-consumer?

How the brand is perceived

  • What is our brand health across industries and key insurance decision makers?
  • How do we grow the brand beyond regional or sector-focused awareness?
  • How do we uplevel the brand and integrate it with new, digital customer interfaces?
  • How do prospective employees perceive our brand and culture?
  • Do our brand and messaging resonate with our target audience?

How to keep up with the digitization of customer experience

  • How does our user experience compare against our competitors?
  • How much of the market share has been captured by digital-focused insurtech companies?
  • How are insurance brokers and intermediaries using digital interfaces to improve customer experience?
  • How do industry experts view digitization in regards to the dynamic value exchange of insurance offerings?
  • Which product features do our target customers find most desirable in a digital insurance interface?

What industry trends and shifts to expect

  • What opportunities can we anticipate among corporate policyholders and how can we meet their changing needs?
  • How will the role of brokers and MGAs evolve and will they begin to compete with legacy insurers for market share?
  • How will the increasing amount of virtual assets shape the expectations of companies looking to manage risk?
  • How can we better understand the perspective of insurance decision makers regarding shifts in social, technological, economic, environmental, and political (STEEP) factors?
  • What emerging technologies (e.g., AI) can we incorporate into our practices to improve internal operations and customer solutions?

Want to see how NewtonX can help you?

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NewtonX’s platform gives us continued confidence that we’re sourcing the highest quality data to drive critical business decisions.

Jason Talwar
Insights Executive with 15+ years of experience (Salesforce, Tableau, Microsoft)

I was really excited when we found NewtonX. Their Custom Recruiting has genuinely been a game changer for us in terms of data quality. Not only do I have much greater trust in the data, but the variation in the data means I can more easily provide actionable direction for our product and marketing teams without finding myself rationalizing away bad data.

Matt Harris
Senior Customer Research & Insights Manager, Checkout.com

Insurance industry audiences we reach

Impact-driving research starts with speaking to the right people. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph finds the professionals with the exact expertise to answer your insurance industry market research questions. Here are just a few examples:

In-house insurance & benefits decision makers

SME insurance decision makers

Heads of HR

Compliance decision makers

Risk management professionals


Employees with common coverage needs

Retirement & Investment decision makers

Affinity brokers

Independent insurance agents

IMO leaders

FMO leaders

Benefits brokers

Healthcare providers

Finance decision makers

MGA leaders

Insurance underwriting professionals

Loss control professionals

Reinsurance professionals

Our insurance industry market research expertise delivers data you can trust

Fortune 500 enterprises to top consultancies, financial institutions, and leading market research firms choose us as their media research company.

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How NewtonX delivers business-critical insurance industry market research data

The insurance industry is exposed to huge external forces pushing it to adapt quickly: 

  • Worldwide supply chain disruption
  • International conflict
  • Pandemic consequences for operational management
  • Global economic instability with high inflation
  • Increasing number of climate change extreme weather events
  • Digital advancements that prompt changes in client expectations around how insurance is purchased
  • Increased numbers of SMEs looking for non-traditional, insurtech providers for their insurance


Individually, these all have massive consequences for insurance companies. Altogether, the effect can seem insurmountable. 

NewtonX insurance industry market research provides you with the deep insights you need to calmly focus on your most important priority – your clients. Your custom findings identify each segment’s needs and pain points, demonstrate the value placed on each of your insurance products, highlights market opportunities and enables targeted messaging. 

The only way to maintain a competitive edge in this volatile environment is to know exactly what your clients want and where you can find them. With an insurance industry research partner, you’ll create a dynamic strategy that’s constantly based on current trends.

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