How insights from insurance underwriting professionals developed a successful go-to-market strategy

NewtonX sourced the most qualified insurance professionals to inform our client’s market entry strategy.


Tech company needed B2B insights to form go-to-market strategy

Leading tech company sought insurance underwriting insights

A leading tech firm sought to enter the insurance market. Their Head of Product required insights on the insurance underwriting process and existing technologies to inform their go-to-market strategy. 


NewtonX scans thousands of professionals

NewtonX scouted 10,000 professionals to find 5 insurance executives

Our client approached NewtonX to help them find the professionals they needed to answer their technical questions on insurance underwriting. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph — our proprietary search engine for B2B knowledge — scanned 10,000 professionals to pinpoint the five respondents with the precise expertise needed. 

Ultimately, through a rigorous screening and verification process, we custom recruited five Heads of Underwriting and Heads of Operations at insurance companies and title & escrow firms.


title & escrow professionals scanned

NewtonX’s platform provides unprecedented access to hard-to-find experts that truly understand the intricacies of a market.

An innovative go-to-market strategy

Our client leveraged professional insights to go-to-market with confidence

Armed with deep subject matter expertise, our client successfully launched a new underwriting technology platform. They implemented a successful  go-to-market strategy, coordinated across product development, sales, operations, and marketing.

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