Futureproof your business with industrial market research

Manufacturing market research lets you investigate your supply chains, customers, competitors, talent, and broader trends. You can tap experts up and down the supply chain to understand global dynamics, production systems, and lead times; and to identify fragile links in the system and prepare strategies to mitigate these risks. Industrial market research also helps you better understand customers and the workforce, enabling you to more fully meet the needs of both groups of stakeholders. Additionally, market research for manufacturers sheds light on trends and best practices within the industry and even beyond it—allowing you to apply new ideas from the world around you to your organization. 

Organizations are constantly searching for means to streamline operations, increase profits, and build resiliency. Those who fall behind may find it increasingly difficult to catch up with the competition given the rate of technological development paired with the impact of learning curves. Those who make poorly informed choices may find it challenging to course correct as manufacturing decisions are often capital intensive and hard to undo. In addition to keeping up in the competitive landscape within the industry, manufacturing companies must anticipate and quickly adapt to changes in the broader world given the global, interconnected nature of supply chains. Industrial market research can help you examine these areas and answer key business questions, such as:

How to structure strategy & operations

  • What alternative operations sites should we investigate?
  • How do we de-risk manufacturing from supply chain disruptions? What scenarios should we plan for?
  • How can we digitize and automate our processes using robots, AI/ML, IoT, digital twins, and other technologies?
  • How should we plan our manufacturing resources? What capacity should we build for, where should we be located, and what should be our focus? Where can we add redundancies?
  • What are quality and safety best practices in our industry?

How to meet customer needs

  • What are the needs and pain points of our target audiences?
  • What are our target audience’s use cases and drivers for adoption of our offerings?
  • What attributes do our customers truly value?
  • What does the customer journey and experience look like with our organization?

How to reach our target

  • How should we segment our market and what segments should we target?
  • What channels can we use to reach our target audience? Trade shows, social media, or other forums?
  • How can we best position and differentiate our offerings?
  • What competitors are customers considering?

How to hire and retain the right talent

  • What types of people and skills do we need to be successful as an organization now and in the future? 
  • How do we structure effective training and development programs to upskill our workforce?
  • How does our productivity and efficiency compare to industry benchmarks?
  • How is our company culture and work environment perceived by prospective employees?
  • What is the main driver of turnover in the industry?
  • How should we approach structuring diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts?

What industry trends and shifts to expect

  • What can we expect from the future of work and how can we best prepare for it?
  • How can we incorporate ESG into our strategies and practices?
  • What new technologies are emerging and how will they change the way our industry does business? 
  • How are certain signals of economic well-being and supply chain performance trending? Are there any early warning signs?

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Take it from the world’s leading companies.

There is no other research known to us that is this forward looking when it comes to innovation.

Carina Manteuffel
Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

I love working with the crew at NewtonX. I very much value the great partnership we have had with our engagements—a true extension of our Microsoft team!

Senior Research Program Manager, Microsoft

Manufacturing and industrial audiences we reach

Impact-driving industrial market research starts with speaking to the right people. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph finds the professionals with the exact expertise to answer your manufacturing market research questions. Here are just a few examples:

Project managers

Field technicians

Commercial installers

Purchasing decision-makers

Safety managers

Hotel decision-makers

Manufacturing experts

Business owners

Marketing professionals

Quality managers

IT decision-makers

C-suite executives

Procurement experts

Operations experts

Strategy professionals

Automotive experts

Customer service representatives

Our industrial market research expertise delivers data you can trust

Fortune 500 enterprises to top consultancies, financial institutions, and leading market research firms choose us as their manufacturing market research company.

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How NewtonX delivers business-critical industrial market research data

NewtonX will partner with you on your industrial market research needs, whether you are searching for opportunities to optimize practices, mapping out customer journeys, developing talent strategies, or keeping a pulse on economic signals. As a full-service B2B market research firm, NewtonX can help you with any part of the research process—from strategy to execution to analysis—and with a variety of research methods, including qualitative, quantitative, and blended approaches. 

Data is modern currency, but too often, we’re limited to recycled or flawed sources. Data plays a pivotal role in carving out a competitive advantage, but so much of the data typically collected isn’t actually useful. 30-40% of data sold today is thrown away, and upwards of 50% of research timelines are spent questioning the validity of samples and parsing out the truth from the noise.

With NewtonX custom recruiting and multi-step verification, you’ll spend less time as an arbiter of truth and more time using high-quality data from verified professionals to solve key business questions. We’re the only B2B advertising research company that’s developed proprietary market research technology that keeps up with the pace of innovation. 

With the NewtonX Knowledge Graph, we’ll find the best minds that you can tap for expertise and leverage to inform your decisions. Our 100% verification means that you get high-quality data you and your stakeholders can trust. And with our open network of 1.1 billion professionals across countries and industries, we will source decision-quality insights that give you an accurate read of the market and enable you to maintain a competitive advantage.

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