Top tech company attracts and retains top tech talent with Q3 approach

Our insights allowed our client to better understand the priorities and preferences of top tech talent.

The Challenge

A top gaming company was having trouble attracting and retaining the best tech talent. They were tired of inexplicably losing candidates to other, better known tech companies. The Human Resources team wanted to understand what would make the company compelling to its target talent. Was it the brand, the job, people and culture or compensation, or something else?

To define a clear employee value proposition and understand the opportunity, the HR team needed to learn why current employees thought it was a great place to work, and also hear from external engineering talent who worked at the company’s competitors.


NewtonX Delivery

With a clear understanding of the challenge, we recommended the NewtonX Q3 Formula as the best research methodology. NewtonX’s Q3 is a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies we apply to the same population. We started with 1:1 interviews that informed a survey to test initial findings at scale. Our client then followed up with individual candidates for further discussion.


Project Overview

Using NewtonX’s AI-driven search engine, we tapped into the most relevant professionals.

We sourced professionals for 1:1 interviews and surveys from three key channels:

1. NewtonX’s internal panel: Technology / Engineering professionals we have worked with in the past from target European countries. We leveraged our deep expertise with survey fielding in Europe, especially in the technology sector.

2. The NewtonX Graph: Our custom search engine that translated the client’s research needs into a list of expert profiles, 99% of whom corresponded to the target criteria. First we targeted at the job-title, then company, location, and seniority level. The result was a prioritized list of professionals that matched our client’s criteria.

3. Digital Advertising: Ads placed on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. This channel helped target gaming industry professionals.

NewtonX provided end-to-end research and consulting services to solve this tricky problem. From providing consultative advice on how to define and find this audience, to designing and fielding the survey and finally providing management consulting-level analysis, compiling and synthesizing the results.


Tech professionals working a top tech and gaming companies.

“Overall fantastic project. The interviewees were even better than we imagined in the quality and relevance of the people interviewed, both in qual and quant. The insights generated from the research were so clear, our roadmap and action plan wrote itself.”

The Solution

The NewtonX strategy team delivered data-based, actionable learnings for the client leadership.

With an understanding of insights and important factors in attracting and hiring tech talent across multiple dimensions (company, people, job, rewards), the tech gaming company immediately changed its compensation packages for tech talent. Additionally, they set a plan to enable remote work across different countries and timezones. Longer term, the team is evaluating how to proactively message these benefits and become sought after in the space.

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