Top 3 German auto manufacturer realizes cost savings following innovation-centered B2B qual and quant research

Insights from our data enabled our client to better understand costs, sources of inefficiencies, and the potential for optimization.

The Challenge

A top three German auto manufacturer knew they had a cost problem, but didn’t know where the biggest inefficiencies were or how to address them. Additionally, the manufacturing industry was changing rapidly with new uses for machine learning, IoT and robots.

The research objectives were two fold:

1. Better understand the source of inefficiency and the impact machine learning and other advanced technologies could have on profitability.

2. Realize the potential for optimization through new innovative processes and closer collaboration between the manufacturer and its suppliers.

NewtonX Delivery

Initially, our client wanted to conduct a survey, but after a deeper understanding of the problem we recommended adding qualitative interviews. Leveraging both qual and quant insights provided even more dimensions into the challenge and possible solutions. 

Locating this niche audience can be tricky because suppliers are distributed across different countries and companies. Our client chose NewtonX because of our ability to create an extremely tailored search, with over 40 parameters to find exactly the right professionals. 

NewtonX delivered 15 interviews with a specific type of automotive engineer as well as coded and fielded a survey that was sent to a large number of tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.


Million in cost savings.

“Thank you and the NewtonX team for making this a seamless experience. The data and insights you delivered made us look like heroes. Your ability to provide 100% ID-verification of the respondents gave us total confidence in what we delivered.”

The Solution

The research NewtonX delivered was the catalyst for a large global cost optimization program. Insights from the data helped the auto manufacturer understand their real costs, sources of inefficiencies and the potential for optimization through closer collaboration between the manufacturer and its suppliers. Initial results after six months show implementation of new processes combined with better data capture led to over $5 million in cost savings.

First-hand knowledge from manufacturing professionals and leaders made an enormous impact. Our client feels well prepared for the challenges and changing landscape ahead.

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