Why a leading HVAC manufacturer chose NewtonX to guide a regional expansion strategy

Our client used the insights we gathered from top professional in the industry to inform their decision to expand in the US southwest.

The Challenge

Our client, a leading HVAC manufacturer, needed to survey the continental United States to find 20 of the smartest, hard-working plumbers and mechanicals contractors in the nation. A group known for being notoriously hard to access, the HVAC manufacturer couldn’t find this audience using their own internal resources and tools. They needed to work with an external partner.

Our client selected NewtonX to help achieve the following key research objectives:

  1. For master tradesmen in plumbing and mechanical contracting, what are the overall purchasing, servicing, and installing preferences for HVAC and heating systems?
  2. Does region and market have a significant impact on the productivity, happiness and engagement of master tradesmen?
  3. Do master tradesmen in plumbing and HVAC have clear brand and product preferences?

NewtonX Delivery

NewtonX recommended qualitative interviews to uncover the nuances of different geographies and to be able to dig deeper and ask “why” when learning from these professionals. We quickly found 20 leading master mechanical contractors, HVAC and plumbing tradesmen and scheduled 1-hour, in-depth interviews for our client. In addition to gaining insights across a broad geography in the US, the study also focused on illuminating key personality differences that impact servicing and purchasing preferences.

From project kickoff to final delivery of the transcripts and recordings, the engagement was finished in five business days.


In-depth interviews with leading master HVAC and plumbing tradesmen

The Solution

The HVAC manufacturer utilized the insights from the study to inform their 2021 strategic planning roadmap. Using learnings from the study, our client decided they would likely be successful with a regional expansion in the US Southwest.

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