How NewtonX scouted 5,000 life insurance professionals for product-market fit

NewtonX delivered extremely rapid results to help a leading professional services consultancy unlock future growth opportunities for their client.

Rapid B2B research delivery

The client wanted to discover potential buyers outside their current scope

Our client — an international professional services consultancy — aimed to investigate how various brokerages think about distribution partnerships. Specifically, they were interested in targeting affinity brokers, DTC brokers, and IMO firms across the U.S. The end goal of their project was to help a major life insurance carrier expand their distribution partnerships beyond credit unions.

Our client wanted clarity on the market potential of this venture. Additionally, they sought to map brokerages business needs and ways to capitalize on additional revenue streams. The client had unsuccessfully attempted the project earlier, so they required rapid delivery at an average professional turnaround time of less than 48 hours.


Quality recruitment within 48 hours

NewtonX identified the best distribution partners with speed and precision

The client called upon NextonX to deliver research results within this ambitious time frame. Thanks to our NewtonX Knowledge Graph, which can reach 1.1 billion professionals worldwide, we were able to find 5,000+ leading professionals across virtually all corners of the U.S. 

From a list of recommended professionals, the client selected their top picks. Afterwards, NewtonX scheduled all 10 interviews within 5 days of receiving the initial request. The average turnaround time was between 24 and 48 hours.


hour average recruitment turnaround time

Newton X is an invaluable resource for growth-oriented market strategy projects when we require specialist expertise.

Rapid delivery for innovation insights

An assembly of powerful insights fueled innovation

Ultimately, we were able to turn the knowledge from 5,000 top brokerage professionals from around the U.S. into concise, accurate insights spanning over 10 distinct workstreams. Based on this in-depth data, our client was able to assist their life insurance client by unlocking future strategic growth opportunities in the space.

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