Why a major social media company turned to NewtonX to understand how content creators were using their platform

A major social media company needed to research content creators on their platform and understand their thoughts on monetization. They chose NewtonX because we know how to find the needle in the haystack.


The Challenge

As social media platforms have attracted billions of users over the past decade, a new content creator space has blossomed. Our client, a major social media company, wanted to understand how creators were monetizing content on their platform. However, they had a problem: existing market research techniques don’t offer a clear way to reach the content creator audience, especially not at the scope necessary to answer our client’s questions. Our client had direly important questions about how  content creators view branded content, user tipping, ad revenue sharing, bonus subsidies, and the cost/benefit of using copyrighted music in their content. Reaching this audience was of the utmost importance.

NewtonX Delivery

Content creators are difficult to pin down by traditional market research methods — few existing panels include them. Often, trying to find the right types of content creators who could offer the sorts of insights our client needed on message boards, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, or even other social media platforms is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Our client chose NewtonX because our sophisticated AI-driven research methodology lets us find the needle in the haystack every time. We used custom recruiting to identify content creators who met our client’s exact search criteria. Within 25 days, NewtonX designed a 15-minute quantitative survey and fielded it to 400 content creators across the US, Western Europe, and Brazil. Because we use a two-step verification process, the data we provided was fraud free — despite the difficulty of verifying such a niche audience. This saved our client hours of weeding out bad data from the results.


surveys in 25 days

Thanks to the NewtonX team for providing us with a hotline to the content creator audience. 

The Solution

Our research helped our client get actionable insights about how content creators are using and want to use their platform, directly from the source. Ultimately, our data enabled them to provide content creators with new and improved routes toward content monetization.

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