How we helped a top social media company understand how digital advertisers were thinking about their platform

Insights from our data enabled our client to better understand advertiser brand health and monetize their platform.


The Challenge

A prominent social media company wanted to understand how they could better monetize their advertising platform. NewtonX has deep expertise in this area, having worked with many tech and media companies to uncover the answer to this question in the past. However, this time, our client wanted to apply the critical lens of how current political and cultural events, including Covid-19, would impact advertiser spending. 

There were four big questions to digital advertisers needed to help answer by  

  • How were advertising dollars spent? How were advertisers choosing between our client and their competitors?
  • How were companies pursuing leads?
  • How do their attitudes evolve in response to events that affect public opinion?
  • Post-Covid-19, how was the pandemic affecting advertising spending?

Reaching this audience is easier said than done — to get meaningful data, NewtonX recommended talking to digital advertising professionals in several different markets. Additionally, to keep up with changing attitudes in the industry, it was critical to survey this audience on an ongoing basis.


NewtonX Delivery

NewtonX designed and executed a survey aimed at uncovering trends among digital advertisers. Each quarter, NewtonX fields 3,000+ responses across 11 different markets, producing reports that measure the priorities, attitudes, and spending of digital advertisers. 

Our client chose NewtonX because our AI-driven research methodology allows us to reach the professionals who meet our client’s exact criteria, not an approximate. Additionally, we ensured every respondent was 100% verified with a two-step ID check. This virtually eliminated fraud and gave our client the ability to present the data and make decisions with confidence. Because of the fast-changing nature of digital advertising, our client relied on the constant stream of new data from this audience— this made it possible  to track how their audience’s attitudes evolved over time.


responses across 11 different markets in 8 weeks

“Share our thanks to the NewtonX team for providing such unparalleled access to the digital advertiser audience. Your ability to consistently deliver helps us to anticipate digital advertising trends with confidence.”

The Solution

The data we provide to our client allows them to easily track their advertiser brand health, as well as the performance and decision-making of their competitors. Because we provide an entirely new data set every quarter, our client can trust that they have access to the to-the-minute insights they need to optimize and monetize their advertising in the best way possible.

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