How we custom recruited a mix of policy masterminds to showcase Australia’s current political climate

We identified the 150 best respondents to help our client deepen their understanding of Australia's politics.

High-quality, timely research plays a vital role in government.

It can provide valuable insights to virtually every aspect of the regency, be that health, jobs, education, transportation or international relations. As lawmakers seek to learn the impact of government services to better meet the needs of taxpayers, NewtonX has partnered with numerous agencies in the category to uncover fresh, timely insights that drive intelligent policy making.


Scouting thousands of policy makers to find the 150 who have the exact pulse of the country

Recently, we partnered with a policy-driven market research firm to help garner a better understanding of the current political climate in Australia. We combed through thousands of current and former public sector employees from every bastion of government to find an extremely knowledgeable group of 150 respondents. The respondent pool boasted a mix of former government, ministry staffers, policy-focused think tank consultants, and public policy lawyers across political affiliations.


of the best government, policy, think tank minds

Making informed policy decisions at speed with high-quality data

With the insights provided by our experts, our client was able to glean a granular understanding of the current political climate in Australia with extreme pace and precision, as we recruited all respondents in under six days.

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