Adweek + NewtonX Reveal Insights on CMO Collaboration

November 14, 2023

What separates great CMOs from good ones? NewtonX and Adweek unveil new research on CMO collaboration secrets and business impact.

Quantifying Collaboration: Adweek & NewtonX Reveal the Fruits of C-Suite Sync

Adweek X on December 4th @ 2:10 pm pst


  • Jackie Cutrone, CMO, NewtonX
  • Paul Barbagallo, SVP-Executive Editor, Adweek

Collaboration is critical for CMO success. Yet even among marketing leaders who prioritize building relationships and alignment across their organization and beyond, there’s a big gap between the great CMOs and the simply good.

NewtonX and Adweek will reveal never-before-seen proprietary research that quantifies the business impact of CMO collaboration and uncovers the secrets behind the best CMO collaborations. You’ll learn how great CMOs pull from other disciplines to drive change and the key principles and behaviors that elevate their performance. Get strategies to strengthen your partnerships, amplify marketing outcomes, and accelerate sales growth…elevating your marketing from good to great. 

Read the full report here.


NewtonX & Adweek: How to move from good CMO to great CMO


NewtonX & Adweek: CMOs who collaborate effectively


NewtonX & Adweek: CMO collaboration

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