NewtonX + Adweek Launch Exclusive Feature on CMO Collaboration

December 18, 2023

In an exclusive editorial feature, How Great CMOs Collaborate, Adweek in partnership with leading B2B research firm NewtonX, unveiled new insights that quantify the business impact of CMO collaboration. Initially presented at the Adweek X event, the research identifies the key differentiators of high-performing CMOs, and shows how CMO greatness is strongly correlated to a CMO’s ability to execute cross-functional collaboration within their organizations.

“This research is a big deal. It applies science to something that is squishy and subjective—collaboration,” said Paul Barbagallo, Adweek’s Executive Editor of Thought Leadership and Practical Journalism, who co-led the research initiative. “It’s unique and fills a white space in our industry. This is the kind of content that our audiences have been telling us they want more of from us, and we delivered it in such a sophisticated, memorable way.”

Adweek CMO collaboration web page


Leveraging NewtonX’s quantitative and qualitative research capabilities, the project surveyed 80 CMOs and uncovered five crucial principles driving dramatically better financial performance, customer satisfaction and innovation among the most successful collaborators.

“Partnering with Adweek and Paul on this CMO collaboration project felt like the perfect marriage of our expertise: NewtonX’s data-driven insights combined with Adweek’s storytelling and grasp of what’s resonating with marketers,” said Jackie Cutrone, CMO at NewtonX. “This went beyond just proving Paul’s hypothesis – it was about uncovering the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind successful collaboration, in a way that would inspire and guide CMOs as they navigate the evolving landscape. It was a glimpse into the future of marketing, told through the power of data and narrative. And that’s the magic of our partnership with Adweek – it takes our research from insight to foresight.”

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