Forget Emerging Tech: This is How Humans Do B2B Research

| August 3, 2023

Algorithms are cool, but have you heard of the human mind? As useful as tools can be, they’re not enough to guarantee success. Insights & strategy leaders need to draw from a holistic toolkit beyond the data. It takes soft skills to influence stakeholders and find creative ways to deliver results in more demanding business economies. Discover:

  • What research strategies and methods aren’t yet replaceable by emerging technologies  
  • How to build influence with your stakeholders to unlock budgets and elevate the role of insights in your organization
  • Surprising stories that yielded business success at the world’s leading media company and food delivery platform



  • Jordan Jones, The New York Times, Associate Director of Culture Insights
  • Santiago Sanchez, DoorDash, General Manager of Florida & Puerto Rico
  • Tim Bruno, NewtonX, CRO


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