[Webinar] Expect, But Prepare, for the Unexpected

July 26, 2023

Join WIRe NYC Lead Dana DiGregorio as she hosts a panel of change-makers and experts in discussing how to resource for challenge and change. With uncertainty becoming the new certainty, it is more important than ever to find resilience and build your personal capacity to weather changes and challenges that are often unforeseen.  

We will be hosting an intimate discussion featuring three panelists from different backgrounds: 

  • Linh Phillips, NA Senior Manager, Consumer & Marketplace Insights: Front End Innovation, Nestlé Coffee
  • Aarti Desai, RVP Financial Services, NewtonX
  • Johanna Guerin, Owner and Leadership Development Coach, Fit For The Future



“Remember you’re not here by luck. You’ve worked hard, your network’s helped, and you’ve helped yourself. Think about how we practice resilience everyday in our lives – now how do we take that into our careers?” —Aarti Desai


“There’s a tenderness that can coexist with resilience. It’s important to own that level of vulnerability so your support system can help you.” —Linh Phillips


“Be more lobster. Lobsters are soft and live in a rigid shell. The shell doesn’t expand, whereas the soft mushy bit does continue to grow. The shell then becomes confining, and the lobster then casts off the shell and grows a new one. The lobster wouldn’t grow if it didn’t feel uncomfortable, because it’s confined in its shell. When you’re challenged or under stress, those are opportunities and signals for growth.” —Johanna Guerin

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