Why Fortune Trusts NewtonX to Gather Executive Insights

For the second year in a row, Fortune relied on NewtonX to answer their most burning questions about the economy.


Fortune article featuring NewtonX research on CFOs

Fortune partners with NewtonX for their CFO study – for a second year

Fortune needed a B2B research partner that could quickly survey nearly a hundred leading CFOs on the future of the economy. However, B2B samples that target executive audiences are notoriously difficult – leaving publishers like Fortune walking a fine line between sharing timely insights and sorting through troves of bad data for accurate findings. That’s why Fortune chose NewtonX. Our Custom Recruiting methodology found verified CFOs to answer Fortune’s burning questions — for the second year in a row, fueling critical reporting on the economic climate: “CFOs say inflation is fueling price hikes.” (Check out last year’s findings here.)


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The challenge of quickly fielding executive insights on an unpredictable economy

Fortune wanted a deeper understanding of where these costs were coming from and how they were affecting businesses. Amid inflation quickening to a 40-year high of 9.1% in June 2022 and possible impending recession, CFOs are struggling to maintain profitability and business growth. To capture these CFOs’ outlook on the economy, the magazine required a trusted B2B research partner that could access and gather insights from these busy executives.


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NewtonX identified and surveyed 81 leading CFOs in only 3 days

After working with NewtonX last year for their first ever CFO study, Fortune reached out again for this time-sensitive project. With our partnership, our consultants helped craft the survey and used our proprietary NewtonX Graph to identify best-in-class CFOs in every industry. 


NewtonX coded and hosted the 10-minute survey, fielding 81 verified CFOs at leading businesses in just 3 days.


CFOs at leading businesses surveyed in just 3 days

Lance Lambert, Editorial Director, Fortune Education

Sheryl Estrada, Senior Reporter, Fortune

Fortune homepage featuring NewtonX article

The research gave Fortune’s executive readership timely insider insights

Following the completion of the research, the magazine published a timely article based on the findings and also included them in their newsletter to over 25,000 CFOs across the globe. The results show that nearly half of surveyed CFOs have raised prices due to inflation and over 75% believe the economy will go into a recession within the next 12 months. 

The research also uncovered that, since Fortune and NewtonX’s last partnership a year ago, CFOs believe more now that their roles are changing. The percent of CFOs who viewed their roles change over the previous year rose to 80% – a 64% change from last year’s study. Specifically, their roles often now involve a deeper understanding of tech – exemplifying how tech is increasingly empowering executives with the insights they need to make confident decisions in uncertain times.

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