The NewtonX 2021 Year in Review is live! See how we unlocked new insights to solve your biggest business challenges in 2022 and beyond.

Financial Services Competitive Intelligence with 15 Fortune 1000 CFOs

We used Custom Recruiting to identify the CFOs who could provide the insights about payments managed services our client needed.

The Challenge

A Global Payment Processing Company needed to quantify a potential revenue opportunity. They sought to add additional payments managed services to their global payments portfolio. First, they needed to understand the market opportunity. The internal team needed gather some competitive intelligence about the financial services industry. Next, it was agreed speaking with Fortune 1000 Chief Financial Officers knowledgeable on payments managed services would provide the best insights.

NewtonX Delivery

In less than 2-weeks, NewtonX:

  1. Refined search criteria and conducted outreach to Fortune 1000 CFOs using our proprietary Custom Recruiting and two-step ID-verification process.
  2. Scheduled and moderated 15 CFO interviews.
  3. Created all screener questions as well as the interview guide to ensure a deep-dive and comprehensive extraction of insights.

Fortune 1000 CFOs

We’re incredibly impressed with NewtonX and their ability to access C-Suite executives. They delivered us 100% verified expert insights.”

The Solution

Using the data NewtonX provided, the Global Payments Company determined with confidence it should proceed with the expansion of its global payments portfolio. As a result the company was able to offer the technologies and assets its clients needed to lower costs by over 8%, reduce payment operations by 5%, and enhance their customer experience.

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