Gain proprietary insights with the NewtonX Knowledge Graph

April 8, 2022

It wasn’t possible to recruit for niche B2B audiences at scale and speed — until the NewtonX Knowledge Graph. Enter: the solution to better qualitative and quantitative research results.

Customers come and go; competitors rise and fall. To stay competitive, enterprises need proprietary insights to make strategic decisions on quick timelines. Insights leaders face increasing pressure to deliver high quality insights to outpace market innovation, and they need research partners who can support. Yet it wasn’t possible to efficiently recruit B2B professionals — tailored to nuanced business needs — until NewtonX developed our Knowledge Graph.


How the closed expert panels fail to recruit your exact audience

Market researchers often receive client research needs shortly before projects begin. This is where traditional expert networks and closed panels fail: they don’t cover enough expertise to account for any potential audience a client could request. If the target audiences don’t already exist in the pool, there won’t be enough time to recruit them. You would need millions of panel respondents to be prepared for any combination of audience specs. 


How the NewtonX Knowledge Graph uncovers the expertise you need 

The NewtonX Knowledge Graph — our proprietary search engine for B2B professionals — turns that system on its head. We’re the only research provider with the technological capabilities to operate a search engine for specialized knowledge. By automating complex searches and scaling expert outreach, our Graph is the best on-demand platform for professional knowledge access. It custom recruits experts across 1.1 billion professionals and 140 industries globally, enabling insights leaders to drive better results for their bottom line.


Input: Translating business needs into search queries

1. Input: Translating business needs into search queries

Every research project begins with understanding business goals. We collaborate with clients as thought partners, taking business questions and translating them into advanced queries composed of over 40 distinct search fields. Our filters cover topical knowledge, geography, seniority, revenue volume, and more. 

With deep expertise in audience targeting, our project team advises on designing or augmenting proposed research plans to reach larger goals. For example, when a cloud services software provider seeks to recruit highly technical power users and decision makers, we collaborate with them on adjusting targeting allocations to ensure they find the answers they need. The original quota might call for IT decision makers who have purchased AWS, Azure, or GCP in the last 6 months from companies with 5,000+ employees. We might propose increasing the range of company size from 5,000+ to 2,500+ or purchase period from 6 months to last 12 months in order to increase the addressable sample size by 300,000 professionals.


Refine: Iterating on creative search strings

2. Refine: Iterating on creative search strings

We then build search queries according to the target audience specs. For example, a query for a cloud data warehouse platform expert might involve the components below.

Creative search strings

As we iterate on searches, the Graph refines the universe of professionals it delivers. Aided by AI, it’s constantly learning. The more searches we make, the better it gets at finding the most relevant minds. Continuous iteration ensures clients get the largest possible reach without compromising specificity. 


Identify: Selecting the right professionals

3. Identify: Selecting the right professionals

The final query is then pushed out through our API to scan our open network of 1.1 billion professionals, with a channel strategy that would attract the most relevant minds for the task at hand. We guarantee a diversity of deep expertise for statistically significant data you can stand on, every time. 

Professional IT decision maker profile

We verify professional expertise to ensure they are who they say they are. Additionally, we provide clients the opportunity to connect with opted-in participants over phone to verify that the respondents have the necessary domain expertise.


Compile: Delivering diverse and precise samples

4. Compile: Delivering diverse and precise samples

Along with identifying the right experts, we also conduct collaborative fielding to ensure we’re on track to meet quotas. Based on our experience in response rates for certain geographies or sectors, we might suggest different targeting allocations to meet the research goals. Clients ultimately receive high quality data from professionals fully tailored to their specs.  


Source critical business insights with NewtonX

Hard-to-find audiences are now reachable, thanks to the NewtonX Knowledge Graph. We find the needles in any haystack. We’re the only B2B research partner who delivers proprietary insights at scale — and advises as your strategic partner in the process. It’s why 96% of clients start a second project with us after their first. The business results speak. Curious to hear how we can help you find exactly who you need? Get a quote

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